Bulls i Toy Collectible Trends

Bulls i Toy knows the trends that kids are into right now. 

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Every child loves a surprise pack or blind bag and the excitement of the unknown of which one of the toys from the collection will be in there is what makes kids so excited to collect more and more. Have you seen the latest trends from Bulls i Toy? 

Cutie Beans Hello Kitty


Who loves Hello Kitty? We do ! We do! 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️
Cutie Beans Hello Kitty are super cute and fun to collect.
Inside each clip case is an adorable Hello Kitty plush character. Who will you find?
There are 9 characters in Series 1!
You can find these at your local Target.



Cutie Beans Gudetama

Have you met Gudetama? He’s a grumpy egg, cracked too early on the wrong side of the shell! He might live by the moto of “I can’t,” but you can collect all 9 bean-filled, mini plush figures in their blind clip cases. 

My kids were so excited to get these. Who doesn’t love a grumpy egg?

Find them at your local Target.



LOL Mini Bows

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Do your kids love LOL dolls, bows and surprise packs?
LOL Mini Bows packs available that are double the fun. There is one bow for you and one bow to share with your BFF!
My youngest loves her LOL mini bows and loves that she can share them with her BFF (her sister)! 💕
Find them at your local Target

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Squish’Ums Poo Pets

squishummspoo pets

What are the girls checking out?
Squish’Ums Poo Pets!
Put a twist on the old tradition with these all new chocolate scented Squish’Ums Poo Pets!
That’s right… Squishies that are shaped like Poo and smell like chocolate! 💕💩🍫
Sounds like kids would love these, right?
” Crack your friends up with these 16 super soft, slow-rising squishies and keep your eye out for the rare magical unicorns – bombs away!”

We found a rare unicorn one, roo!
Find yours at your local Target.



JoJo Sequin Pillow Keychains


There is 8 reversible sequin pillow keychains to collect in all.
These “add extra Siwanator flare your personal style! They are crazy cute and reversible so it’s like getting 2 keychains in one!”
My daughter clipped hers to the keyring on her backpack and she is so excited to show it off to her friends at school. <3
Find this Bulls i Toy trend at your local Target!



While at the Toy Fair this past weekend we hung out in the Bulls i Toy booth with Ramona. Ramona showed us a lot of new trends and styles coming out this year. We are so excited for the collectible toys coming out in 2019.  With top licenses like L.O.L Surprise, PAW Patrol, Baby Shark, Harry Potter, JoJo Siwa, Fingerlings, Pikmi Pops, and Marvel.

We are so excited to feature these toys and keep you in the loop as they become available in stores. 

Thanks Ramona! We had so much fun with you xoox

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