Tyler & Lucy are the Best of Friends

Tyler & Lucy are the Best of Friends is an adorable book by local Momee Friend, Alicia Arso-Distefano.

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Alicia has written a book about two of my favorite things a child and their dog. The bond between Lucy and Tyler will bring such a smile to your face. It is such a great story and we highly recommend reading it with your kids.

“Heartwarming and will bring a smile to your face”

My girls love reading the book to one another. They love the page where Tyler as a baby comes home from the hospital for the first time and Lucy is there to greet the new baby with delight. My husband, my sister-in-law and my in-laws talk about the incredible bond that their dog Shadow had with them growing up. When we read this book before bed the other night it made him smile because it brought great memories back to him of when his childhood dog used to sleep on the floor of his room. You will see that Lucy sleeps in Tyler’s room , too.

Those who have young kids and dogs will be able to relate to the bond that Tyler and Lucy have. The story will bring a smile to your face and perhaps you will want a family dog at the end of reading this book, as well. I know the girls look forward to the day we get one, too. 

Make sure to check out the last two pages of the book. You will get to see a two page collage of photos of the real Tyler and Lucy. 

How cute are they? No wonder why there Mom was inspired to write a book about them. I love the picture of Lucy giving Tyler kisses. His smile is priceless.

What is so special and so sweet about our copy is Alicia autographed it for us and had Tyler and Lucy “sign” it, too. How cute, right?

You can order an autographed copy, too!


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You can order a copy of the book (it won’t be autographed) from Amazon

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Check out this cute video about the book:


About Alicia-

“I am the author of “Tyler and Lucy are the Best of Friends”, the first book of a series about my son and our dog. I am a stay-at-home-mom to our three year old son Tyler, infant daughter Juliana, and fur baby Lucy. I never intended to stay home after I had Tyler but things change, priorities change and your perspective on life changes once your little bundle is placed in your arms for the first time. I am blessed to be able to spend my days crawling around the floor playing with Batman and Ninja Turtle toys, coloring, and reading with my hilarious little man, sweet baby girl and spunky perma-puppy Lucy.

Reading is a very big part of our lives. My husband, Tom, and I read to Tyler and Juliana every day. We feel that reading is not only educationally, intellectually and creatively beneficial for them but it also enhances our bond with him. I wrote this book, as well as the others I am working on for the series, for my children. I have always been passionate about writing but never pursued it as more than a hobby. Being home with Tyler, reading to him daily and seeing how much he learns from and enjoys our story time really lit a spark in me. I want my stories to be a legacy for Tyler and Juliana and for them to capture something they are too young now to remember so they can always treasure their time with our wonderful dog. Juliana’s relationship is off to a very similar start as Tyler’s- they are bonding. playing and loving each other more every single day. I cannot wait to include her in upcoming books! I also want to give parents something fun to read with their children.”

Read more about their family and the illustrator, Alejandra López on their site: HERE


I hope you all had a wonderful #thanksgi


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You will see on their Facebook page special events and activities they hold on Long Island. Alicia, is also available for school/childcare facility visits. You can contact her through her website. 


We know you will love this book, as much as we do! 


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