Crush & Press at WineUDesign

We love WineUdesign and we can not wait to go back. It is a great atmosphere for those who love wine like we do.

Create your own wines and enjoy the FermENTERTAINment in Hicksville.

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The first steps are Crush and Press

We enjoyed two weekends in a row Crushing and Pressing grapes to make our own wine with others in the Community Barrel at wineUdesign in Hicksville!

Week 1 : Crush


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We kicked off the fun of making our wine without even using our feet! Nope, you do not Lucy and Ethel your way into making wine, here. You use your hands to go through the cases of grapes and then push the specially imported grapes through the miraculous de-stemmer to start the fermentation process.


Week 2: Press

wine u design

We pushed the now fermented mix through the press. The press squeezed the grapes’ fermented juice away from the skin and seeds. This luxurious liquid will then, age in a barrel for the next few months.


The FermENTERTAINment at wineUdesign is fun, educational and delicious. 

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Third Step: Barrel Tasting

 Mid Season Tasting

🍷 Salud!

This is the most important session (besides bottling of course) because you are tasting and choosing what wine you want to be taking home after bottling. You will taste the wines made in the community barrel sessions and then make your decision on ONE option that you like the best.

Give them a call and find out how you can become part of a community barrel or make your own personal barrel.

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Learn to make your own wine with their simple, step-by-step , hands on process.

Head to the WineUDesign website and sign up for some FermENTERTAINment —>



We have loved this process and cannot wait till August when we will bottle our wine and take it home! Highly recommend doing the Community Barrel, it is a great experience and I am sure you will want to try and make your own private barrel with your friends and family. I know we are planning to do so in the Fall. : )

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