Gas Out™ Game

One game that makes us laugh out loud every time we play is Gas Out!
It is an easy to play and addicting game for all ages.

You never know who is gonna win because it is random when Guster the Gas Cloud let’s out a Toot!
We highly recommend this Mattel game for your family game night.

“The last one to pass the gas wins!”

Our Saturday Night Game Night has been a real TOOT tanks to Gas Out!

gas out 2

My youngest daughter won the first round of play and you can see how excited she was.

Daddy has been winning the game, too! And the girls love when he wins.


Game Information:

“Guster the Gas Cloud™ is full of intestinal discomfort and he’s ready to rip! Place him on the center of the table and then deal 3 Gas Out™ cards to each player. If you play a Number card, press Guster as many times as the number shown—but watch out! Guster’s blasts are not silent and they’re definitely deadly. If Guster farts, you’re out! Other Gas Out™ cards in the deck keep the fun tooting along like the Skip card which sends Guster onto the next player, or the Reverse card that blows” him back in the opposite direction. Be the last player to keep Guster the Gas Cloud™ from farting during your turn, and you win! 2 AA (R6) Carbon Zinc batteries included.”




You can purchase Gas Out at : Walmart, Kmart and Kohl’s

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