Micro Wheels

Micro Wheels are super fun to play with because not only are the micro size but, they are fast and do really cool tricks.

These Mini Motorized Machines use boost-up activation. The more you pump, the faster they go.



“Get Ready to race with Micro Wheels! The speedy Wheels you’ve always dreamed of have all been micro sized! Discover a new way to race with boost up activation; the more you pump the faster they go. Race your friends through gravity defying loops and get to your garage first to win. Too slow and you’ll be locked out! With over 30 to collect, discover the translucent, metallic and glow in-the- dark vehicles.”

Collect them all!  Perfect for kids Age: 4+





We opened the garage packs and inside we found one Rare glow in the dark Deliver-e Bot and one Special Edition Metallic Titanium car.

They are so cool!




There are over 30 cars to collect in the Micro Wheels collection from our friends at HeadStart. The Micro Wheels Loop Pack is so great because it comes with a track and one car and there is another car that is a surprise in the garage pack. See the package below:





Check out the track my daughter made and see what the Micro Wheels car does:




The girls loved racing one another and building tracks.

microwheels 2




We highly recommend Micro Wheels for the child in your life.

They are so much fun.





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