Doinkit Darts

A Magnetic Dart Board for all ages that we LOVE!

“Is it a great little dart game? No, it’s better. There are high-quality Neodymium rare earth magnets in the 6 durable, balanced, lightweight darts – so they fly perfectly true, which is the bottom line in the dart world. 16″ across.”

We are having so much fun playing with our Doinkit Dart Set. The girls can easily play and it is a lot of fun for adults to play with, too. I am so impressed by the magnetic darts. They work so well. 

IMG_8663 (2)

Even though the magnet itself is strong, the kids are able to get the darts on and off the dart board with ease. 



IMG_8656 (2)

I love that the Magnetic Board doesn’t damage your walls.

We hung it on the wall with a command hook (no holes in our living room wall) and the darts won’t make a hole in the wall either since they are magnetic.



My Instagram post and Facebook post from July 12th, 2019:

It is Friday Night and I wanted to have a date with my husband.
Have you ever had a “date night” in while the kids are up and in the other room?
My husband and I are just as tired as the kids are when we put them to bed at night and sometimes we want to hang out and enjoy one another’s company at a normal hour. So, tonight we had the girls set up a movie picnic and we each had an adult beverage and played magnetic darts in the living room. We put music on and felt like we were out on a date in our own home. We are going to do this more often. It was so much fun.
The kids were happy and we were happy. 😊

A little “us time” with the kids nearby but, they were distracted enough for us to have fun and enjoy a conversation and listen to our favorite music for a little while. Trust me they interrupted a few times but, it was still so fun. We love games and this Magnetic Dart Board, Doink Darts is awesome for competitive fun.

Adults love to play, too. Don’t we?

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Hey Long Island…

Want to buy yours locally? 

Our friends at Fun Stuff Toys in Seaford has Doinkit Darts available in store.

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Fun Stuff Toys in Seaford —> HERE



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