Who wouldn’t want to make their own stuffed animal at home? This toy makes such a great gift.

STUFF’T has a beautiful collection of soft animals that you can stuff yourself.

The packaging is so cute!

Grab your box and get ready to craft with all the contents inside to make your new pet.


Contents inside each box:

*8-inch pet
*Satiny heart
*Vacuum-sealed stuffing pack
*Stuff’t checklist


The girls were so excited to see what pet they would get. 



Both pets were super soft and super adorable. I love that the collection is not only geared towards girls. I think a boy or girl would love these pets and not feel that they are geared toward a particular gender. 



Inside one of the boxes was Joy the Dog. Her yellow satin heart has the positive word, Kindness. 

IMG_9322 (2)


In the other surprise box was Hope the Wolf. His blue satin heart said, Courage. I love all the positive names of the pets and the words on the hearts.

IMG_9324 (2)



The stuffing is so soft and the girls loved putting the stuffing and satin heart inside their pet. There is no sewing required once stuffed you zip up your pet and your craft is complete. 

IMG_9326 (2)


The girls love their pets and can not wait to do another kit and collect more of these adorable and loveable pets from Stuff’t.



Stuff It. Seal It. Love It.
Collect them all!


IMG_9341 (2)

Order online on their website:
or find them locally at Fun Stuff Toys in Seaford.




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