Holiday Shopping? Our Top Family Games are…

We love Family Game Nights and we encourage you to buy games for the ones you love this Holiday Season. Games bring family and friends closer together and create some of the best memories.

We have played a lot of games this year and we have listed the ones we love to play over and over, again. See them below.


Dragon Snacks

DragonSnacks0119_Right.pngdragon snacks 1

Dragon Snacks is soooooo cute and fun to play!
Wave your hand to start the magic…
The dragon belly reveals the treasures! Watch his nose horn glow with color. Open his mouth and take a matching treasure.
The first to collect 3 treasures wins!

Play in a dim lit room for some dragon belly glowing fun.
Your kids will love this game. Highly recommend.

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Ages 4 and up






“How much can you hang before he goes twaaang?”

This is a jump out of your seat and suspenseful game that will excite a player of any age. Our friends at PlayMonster  have made our Saturday Night Game Nights so much fun with Orangutwang! You will roll the dice to see what you have to hang from the orangutan but, watch out if he holds too much he will spring up and send the fruit and friends flying!

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Ages 4 & Up





Monkey Trix

Monkey2Hovmonkey trix 5

Family game night needs some competitive fun, doesn’t it?
We are OBSESSED with Monkey Trix.

You go head to head wearing these amazing and hilarious Monkey helmets. Who will build the structure on the card the fastest using the monkey arms and hands that are attached to the helmet?
Highly recommend this game for your family game night.

monkey trix

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Ages 6 and up





Bears in Barrels

bears in barrels

Bears in Barrels is a great game for your next Family Game Night.

A fun team game focused on dexterity from Blue Orange Games.
Use one finger to flip the bear right side up as fast as you can And pass it to your neighbor. Don’t get caught by the other bear or you’ll lose honey tokens!
Perfect party game.

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Ages 7 and up







clack.jpg clack 1.jpg

This game from AMIGO is fun for all ages because it may seem simple but, you have to race your opponent(s) to see who can make the tallest tower once all the magnetic pieces have been collected. 

Roll the dice and see what you have to find. It might be a yellow footprint or a blue star or a purple lightning bolt. I love how easy it is to see who won. Just stack your stack next to everyone else’s and whoever has the tallest tower wins! Simple runs and competitive fun. Highly recommend. 

clack 2.jpg

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Ages 5 and up






Oh this is a really fun game. The questions may seem simple but, can you name 3 things in 5 seconds? Oh wait, maybe you could but, now with SPINTENSITY you have to spin after you have answered 3 things to see what you have to do next. yes, there is a next. You may have to draw another card, or pass to the next player! 

The game has the perfect title … SPINTENSITY because it really is intense. If you love a highly competitive game then we suggest adding this to your family game night. We love this game and it is perfect for 3 or more players. 

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Ages 14 and up





Full Circle

FullCircle_Pkg_Right full circle 4

Full Circle allows you to use a hint of strategy to steal points from other players! Using the letters laid out in the middle, spell a word along the rim of the disc! Build off of the letters the previous player used, so you score more and make them lose points!Try to make it difficult for the next player to steal more than one of your letters. As letters from the middle are used, replace them from the extra pile—so your letter choices are always changing!

It’s a great game for all levels of spellers. For 2 to 4 players.

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Ages 8 and up





Game of Wolf

game of wolf 3.jpggame of wolf 2

Who loves trivia games? I love them and when you are surrounded by fun and competitive people the trivia game experience is so much more fun. You will need a  minimum of 4 players to play this game from our friends at Gray Matters Games.

“As the Wolf, pick your Pack members based on their knowledge of the subject or go Lone Wolf for a chance at double the points! The Pack or Lone Wolf that answers the most correct of the five questions wins the points for that round! Will you go it alone, Wolf? Or will you choose strength in numbers? These are the critical choices you’ll make to be top dog in The Game of Wolf!”

I love Gray Matters Games not only for their collection of fun games but, they also give proceeds back to Alzheimer’s research. on the box it says because Gray Matter… Matters. Such a wonderful company that we are proud to support.

game of wolf 1

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Ages 14 and up





Heads Talk Tails Walk


HeadsT-1860-HiResSpill.jpgheads tail 3

A laugh out loud match game that keeps kids moving while having so much fun from Thinkfun.

“Can you hop like a frog while clucking like a chicken? Have a blast trying with this delightfully silly game. Players try to match hidden head tiles to the correct body tiles. If the head and body don’t match, the real fun begins! Players walk and talk like the mismatched tiles—with hilarious results!”

heads tail

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Ages 3 and up






Meltdown_Pkg_Rightmeeltdown 1

This is such a fun and competitive game because you are trying to get rid of your cubes before the other players get rid of theirs. But, watch out the goop that is on top of the tower moves so it requires strategic thinking on where you will place your cubes to win!

Highly recommend this game for your family game night.

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Ages 7 and up




Don’t Step In It

don't step in it.jpg

This Hasbro game is Laugh Out Loud Fun for the entire family.
When you walk across the mat you are blind-folded. Another player spins the spinner to see how many steps you have to take across the mat. The mission is to avoid stepping in the Poop.

The goal is to be the one you steps in the least amount of poop.

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Ages 4 and up






We love the game Cubeez from Blue Orange Games. 
I love that this is a game that your family can play together or your child can play it by themselves. It is truly fun for all ages. It is competitive fun with a complete the face with a race against your opponents to win.
It may sound simple but, when you are racing someone else to complete the face on the card it is not so easy.

cubeez 1 cubeez 3

I love that this game is a great for a child to play by themselves, too. My youngest who is 5 years old loves to create the faces with all the colors.

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Ages 6 and up




Hoosker Doosker

hoosker doosker.jpg

This is the Ultimate Game of B.S. (Balance & Skill)

This game is such a great party game and your guests will love playing this over and over again. We laughed so hard playing this game and we know you will, too!


“It’s tug-of-war, balancing on one foot! Just set the sturdy pedestals 6′ apart, step up, and do what it takes to topple your opponent. Great for parties, team building, or balance training for other sports.”


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Ages 6 and up




Shoot the Poop


Get wild with Shoot the Poop, a hilarious children’s game from Maya Games!

shoot the poop

I love this game because it is Laugh Out Loud competitive fun for all ages. Your family will love seeing who can launch all six of their poopy projectiles into Tank’s mouth. Yes, the toilet has a name and it is Tank!

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Ages 5 and up




Duck A Roo

duck a roo

Match , Quack & Move

A match game from AMIGO with 5 simple rules. Your family will love it.

“Everything is ducky when Mama Duck has her ducklings in a row. But when players flip over a lily pad that matches the last duckling in line, they call out “Duck-a-roo!” and swim it to the front. The game ends when Mama swims back to the front after the last match, and players count up their lily pads to see who wins.”

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Ages 3 and up





The Logo Game


How well do you know logos and brands?
If you love trivia like I do and feel like you know a lot about new and nostalgic brands then this game is for you.
Competitive Trivia Fun for your next Game Night.
I love this game from our friends at Playmonster!

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Ages 12 and up




MrPop_1218_right.pngmr pop 1

Mr. POP ! is the race against the clock game to build Mr. POP’s face.
The hilarious and competitive race to build his face game that your family will love to play. You can play with up to 4 players. I love that this is a game that a child can play by themselves, as well. And NO BATTERIES required (score!)
“While Mr. Pop takes a bath, race to build his face by matching the pieces to your face card. Be quick – if the time runs out before you’re done, Mr. Pop will spring up, sending the pieces flying! “

mr pop 6

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Ages 4 and up





We hope this guide helps you find the perfect game for your family this Holiday Season!

Happy Shopping everyone! 



If you see the I Found It At Fun Stuff Toys Sticker by one of the games that means you can find that game locally here on Long Island at Fun Stuff Toys in Seaford, NY. 

Website: HERE


Having families bring Board Games into their home is something I am passion about. I love Family Game Nights. Healthy competition amongst family members and close friends is something we all need. Games at any age are fun. 
Board games help teach our children that sometimes we win and sometimes we lose and we do this while having fun, together.

This list I shared has all different types of games:

*trivia games that make you think

*games that get you out of your chair

*games that make you laugh out loud

and games of skill

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