How to Recover From a Pest Infestation

A pest infestation is one of the most dreadful experiences that any homeowner would want to avoid. Not to mention that pests generally carry a lot of diseases that can harm our health. As it starts to get colder outside, people start warming up their homes, which allows many pests to settle inside for how warm it is and thus start reproducing. They usually find their way into your house through open doors, cracks in walls or foundations, or torn screens. After a while, you start to realize that there’s a pest infestation inhabiting the place, so you start looking for ways to get rid of it. Many people would prefer hiring professionals to get the job done while others would prefer doing it on their own. Although you eventually get rid of the pest infestation, you still need to recover from it.

Here’s a guide to help you recover from a pest infestation:


  • Wait for it

When an area gets invaded by pests, sometimes you need to evacuate this area for a complete treatment process. After treating an area from the pest apocalypse, you need to wait until the treatment time is completely over and then get back to occupying this area. However, the treatment waiting time will differ from one type of pest to the other. The weather as well can make one treatment process longer. Thus, make sure that you stay as patient as you can until the whole process is all over.


  • Stay alert, just in case

Even though the treatment phase is over, you still need to stay alert. Since it is not easy to notice, some pests might get away during the pest infestation treatment process. From what was mentioned on, some pests are able to travel from one place to another and not many know about it. For this particular reason, you need to be aware of the possibilities and having a safety kit with the needed supplies with you. This safety kit will mainly contain plastic bags, a cleaning brush, a vacuum, an insecticide, and some caulk. This safety kit will come in handy in case you notice any pests getting away after the treatment. Make sure to hire professionals for more extreme cases, as they will be able to handle it more efficiently.


  • Throw away any food that was left outside

You must always remember to put any food away before treating your pest infestation. In case you mistakenly left some food outside while the pest treatment process was going on, you need to get rid of it. It is not safe at all to eat this food at all as it has now become poisonous. So, make sure you get rid of it right away before someone mistakenly consumes it without knowing that it was left out during the chemical pest control process. 


  • Do not start cleaning yet

After treating any pest infestation, you need to have a general clean-up of the infested area. The post-treatment general clean-up is done through simply wiping off the treated baseboards or any other treated surface. However, this clean-up should not be done immediately. Most of the pest control treatments are customized to your own needs, which means that it would be efficient for your usage. Being customized to your own needs also means that the type of pest control treatment you choose will let you know what time it’ll be okay for you to get a general post-treatment clean-up. Just make sure you do not start a deep clean-up before a week passes by in order to maintain the effectiveness of the pest treatment. 


  • Repair any cracks or leaks

Cracks are one of the main causes of pests. In addition, a leaky tap or a drainage pipe can also be one of the reasons that could cause you a pest infestation. In such a situation, after you apply your pest control treatment process, make sure that you start working on some repairs to your house. First things first, get some caulk and start looking for any cracks in either the walls or the foundations. If you find any, start filling them in with the caulk that you got in hand. After that, take a good look at your taps and pipes. If any of them is leaky, get it fixed or replaced right away. This task can be challenging for some people; however, you can easily find a plumber to get it done for you.

wall crack


  • Do not leave any paper around

Paper is a well-known source of food for almost all pests out there. To be more specific, wet paper can be considered pests’ favorite meal. The paper can be anything basically, like grocery bags, old newspapers, etc. They act as great harbors for pests to reinfest again. Thus, in order to avoid any reinfestation, make sure to throw away any old paper, especially the wet ones.


  • Put on disposable gloves for a final inspection

As you start unwrapping items after the pest treatment process is over, make sure you wear disposable gloves first. You also need them for when you take a tour around for inspection. You may never know what you might find hidden here or there. Even though you might use environmentally-friendly chemicals to clear the pest infestation, you still have to be cautious regarding what gets in direct contact with your skin. So, despite the type of chemicals that you are using, make sure your skin is protected. 


  • Replace old utensils in your bathroom

Any typical pest infestation treatment will require spraying your entire bathroom. For this particular reason, you can’t start using your old bathroom utensils ever again, even if you rinse them or wash them. So, make sure you replace your old toothbrush, soaps, razors, and any other items. 

Treating your pest infestation as well as recovering from it can be quite a stressful and hectic process for many people. However, it is very important that you make sure you have a proper recovery process to avoid going through this hassle ever again. Go through all the areas that can be a great host for pests and double-check to see that the areas are treated and recovered from this treatment. Rest assured that once you are done inspecting everything, your pest infestation will be gone once and for all. 


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