Effective Ways on Cleaning Shower Heads

If you are starting to notice that your shower head is spraying water with inconsistent pressure, chances are it is now screaming for some cleanup session. When shower heads spray unevenly, it would mean its tiny holes have been clogged with mineral deposits. For it to function optimally, the shower head has to undergo some serious cleaning. Don’t worry, such a task is not as time-consuming as you think it would be.

Cleaning the shower head is also important for your family’s health. Poorly maintained shower heads are breeding grounds for bacteria. The Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences revealed that residential shower heads were found to have a high population of Mycobacterium. This type of bacteria has been linked to lung disease. This is why Amarco Plumbing highly recommends that homeowners should keep their bathroom free from this disease-causing bacteria to spare their family from the disease it causes by cleaning your shower heads on a regular basis.

If you don’t have an idea how, check out the following effective ways to clean your shower heads. 


Clean the Filter Screen

Some shower heads have a filter screen which you can only see when you remove the shower head. To remove the filter screen, you may need to gently brush the filter out. To make this task easier to do, use needle-nose pliers or tweezers so you can take the screen out from its pivot ball in a much faster way. Use an old toothbrush so you can gently brush out the dirt that’s usually composed of mineral deposits. 

Soak the Shower Head in Vinegar

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If you find it hard to remove the shower head from its pipe, you may opt to just pour the vinegar in a plastic bag. Then wrap this plastic bag around the shower head. See to it that the entire shower head is fully soaked in vinegar to ensure that it will be properly cleaned. Leave the plastic bag for a few hours. Then, remove the plastic bag before you flush out the vinegar from the shower head. But, if you can remove the shower head from the pipe, might as well submerge the shower head into a container that is filled with white vinegar. Afterwards, attach it again into the shower pipe  and then run the water to flush out the vinegar.


Do Some Deep Cleaning

There are shower head designs that have an arm attached which enables homeowners to unscrew the shower head and be disconnected right from its arm. But, you can always check the manual to see the instructions on how to remove it. Remember to use a wrench and not the pliers when removing the shower head. One reason why it is important to use a wrench is to avoid damaging the finish of your shower head. Once you are able to remove the shower head, turn on your faucet and then rinse it thoroughly. Then scrub the shower head using the old toothbrush. You may also use a safety pin to take out the dirt from each of the crevasses. 

See? Cleaning your shower head can be done in a fast and easy way you won’t have to break a sweat. You just have to learn some hacks like the ones mentioned above so household cleaning won’t have to be too daunting.


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