Cardboard Nail Salon

A perfect rainy day activity!
The girls are always asking me if they can do my nails. As much as I love a manicure, I figured I would let them have their creativity soar on these cardboard hands.

All you need to do is head to your recycle bin and get some cardboard. Trace your child’s hands on the cardboard with a marker (I made their hands bigger so they had more nail surface to paint).

nails 2


My oldest daughter decided to make hers look more like a Nail Salon.

nails 1

Then, have them pick their favorite nail polishes and let them paint. (you can have your children use paint or fingerpaints, too) The smell of nail polish can be harsh.


nails 5

A fun activity for all ages!



*What is the Parenting win with this activity?

Your child will be so excited to do something like painting nails and you don’t have to spend a lot of time using nail polish remover to remove the nail polish that they might of gotten outside of your nails. Lol

And, the best part of this project is that your children will love what they did!


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