6 Weight Loss Tips You Need to Consider

Most of the circulating weight loss tips in the fitness world these days are a little outdated. New scientific studies have proven most of our approaches to weight loss to be wrong. These studies have started a discussion about how metabolism works. For example, many people don’t take their body shapes into account while they are deciding on the diet they are going to follow, which shouldn’t be the case. To limit misunderstandings and wrong information, here are 6 tips that are up-to-date to consider when you are trying to move the stubborn scale needle.


1. Nothing Trumps Dieting 

You may have read and heard otherwise, but exercising isn’t the most important part of your weight loss journey. Working out is an essential part of any weight loss plan to prevent cellulite or excess skin after losing weight; it’s rather crucial for turning fat masses into muscles. However, cutting calories and following a suitable diet plan for your body type and shape are what make all the difference. Depending on exercising alone won’t help in achieving the results you desire. On the contrary, it might backfire as most people tend to feel accomplished after working out so they end up compensating for the calories they have burnt in the gym. 


2. Exercise to Fix Your Metabolism

As stated, exercise isn’t as important as cutting calories when you are trying to lose weight. However, it can have great effects on boosting metabolism. Many people suffer from a low metabolic rate that makes their weight loss plan ten times harder than it already is. This is why many nutritionists emphasize on the importance of exercising in shedding extra body weight. Leading a sedentary lifestyle and being stuck to our desks all day have had some serious effects on lowering metabolism and increasing the risk of developing obesity. By following a regular workout routine, your metabolism will start picking up again which will lead to a faster rate of fat loss.


3. Stay Motivated 

One of the most important aspects of achieving your weight loss goals is staying focused on them with the same spirit you had when you first started dieting. Ensuring that you are always motivated isn’t always possible since it’s a hard, long process that might affect your mood and energy levels. But thanks to the internet and various technological advances in the fitness world, you can now find many apps and websites that help you to stay motivated. You can check out this page to find out more about different apps and websites that will provide you with diet advice, progress, and motivational tips to keep you going. Getting a reminder every day of your plan and witnessing the progress you are making will only push you forward. 


4. Consider a New Eating Pattern 

The fact that humans don’t need to consume three meals a day to stay healthy is a fact that science has been discussing for a while now. Fasting has been the new hot topic among fitness enthusiasts and health advocates. Intermittent fasting proved its effectiveness in lowering blood insulin and sugar levels, providing mental clarity, increasing energy levels, and improving metabolism. Usually, intermittent fasting depends on two cycles, 16 hours of fasting to only 8 hours of eating. However, you can find different methods and patterns that are suitable for your body and the goals you are trying to achieve.


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5. Controlled Portions 

Asian cuisine understood this fact a long time ago. Reckoning on meals with smaller portions has led to a much lower obesity rate compared to the western counterpart. Larger portions will force you subconsciously to finish your plate and consume more calories than your body needs. If you don’t want to or unable to change your eating pattern, then it’s better to control your food portions and consume from 3 to 5 meals a day under the condition of not going over the amounts of calories needed. 


6. Eating Enough Protein 

Providing the body with its needed protein intake is rather crucial to any diet plan you choose to follow. Protein is considered as one of the most important nutrients the body needs to burn fats and increase the muscle mass. One study has proven that depending on a diet that is rich in proteins instead of resorting to low-carb diets can do wonders in showing fast weight loss results by curbing hunger and enhancing your metabolic rate. 

Weight-loss journeys are always labor-intensive. They require a lot of work, dedication, and motivation to keep pushing forward. What’s important is that you stay clear from fad diets and wrong information in order to achieve your body weight goals without starving yourself or harming your health. 



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