Shadow Fun with Toilet Paper Towels

We all have toilet paper rolls, right? Get yours out of the recycling bin and get ready for some shadow fun.

I saw this idea on Pinterest and could not resist doing this with the girls. I love an upcycle craft or activity that uses household items.

What you will need is:

shadow tp 8

Plastic wrap

Rubber bands

Foam stickers

A flashlight

Toilet paper rolls


Place plastic wrap over one end of the toilet paper roll.

shadow tp 9

Then, hold the plastic wrap in place with a rubber band and attach a sticker to the top of the plastic wrap. I went with shapes that were easily recognizable like a heart, music note, butterfly, duck and a tulip.

shadow tp 1


The girls had so much fun using the flashlight in the dark hallway and making the image appear on the walls and ceiling.

If you do this let us know how much fun your kids had doing it. My girls have been doing this activity every night before bed.

Easy, Inexpensive and so much fun!



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