The Most Memorable Places to Say “I do”

Weddings can be hard to plan for, and if you want to make your wedding a memorable one, it can be even more difficult trying to find a way to showcase how special this day is to you. One surefire way to do this is by having a destination wedding or at least having your wedding location be a unique one, even if it is in the same area you are in. You do not have to look any further because below, you will find seven of the best places to have your wedding at. Having your wedding at any of the following destinations will ensure that it’s the most special and magical day of your life.

1. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is well known for its beautiful scenery. There are different locations there where you can have your wedding that is going to be awe-inspiring for both you and your guests. The beaches there are absolutely beautiful, and there are also numerous spectacular parks to consider if you enjoy being surrounded by nature. You can also find a very vibrant nightlife since it is a popular place for celebrities and tourists to visit, so if you want to throw a bachelor/bachelorette party, this is the place to go. It is important to note that the best time to have your wedding in Costa Rica is during the dry season because you certainly do not want to be caught in the rain.

2. Hawaii

Hawaii is made up of several islands and any one of them can be an amazing place to say your vows in. However, there are so many resorts that you can choose from that it could be quite confusing trying to find the most affordable and beautiful place to have your wedding. Based on the experts’ advice at Destify destination weddings, it can get kind of hectic in Hawaii, especially during the high season, so it is important to find a way to book everything in advance to avoid any kind of stress. Luckily, different websites can help you find the best deals depending on your budget.

3. Santorini, Greece

Santorini is one of the most romantic destinations in the world, and it is not as popular as Paris or other European countries, so you won’t have any issues with booking your wedding there. You can choose to have your wedding by the Mediterranean Sea or by any of the different landmarks there that make Greece not only beautiful but rich with culture and life as well.

4. Florida Keys

If you want the tropical island feel without having to travel across the world, then this is the destination for you. Florida Keys are a chain of tropical islands that will have your wedding feel as carefree and memorable as possible. You can get married on one of the many gorgeous beaches there, and you will have the added benefit of not having to deal with many tourists, unlike other wedding destinations.

5. Aspen, Colorado

If you are looking for a place that has a rustic yet sophisticated vibe, then you will want to say your vows in a place like Aspen, Colorado. This area is well-known for being a winter sports destination because of the mountains and valley, however, it is also great for weddings because of the beauty, rustic charm, and high-standard amenities available there.

6. Las Vegas

Contrary to what many might think, Las Vegas is one of the best places for a destination wedding. Saying that it is going to be a memorable place to get married is an understatement. The best thing about it is that you can have both your bachelor/bachelorette party and your wedding there within the same period of time. You will also have no issues finding activities to fill your honeymoon itinerary because Las Vegas offers a ton of activities, and not all of them have to do with gambling.

7. Rome, Italy

Rome is perfect for those who want romance and culture rolled into one. This amazing place is bursting full of memorable landmarks and various sights that you simply need to see for yourself to appreciate their beauty. It can be quite rustic and quaint, or it could be completely fancy and classic, depending on your preference, but either way, it is still going to be quite a memorable wedding if you decide to say your “I do’s” there.

These seven places are quite different as each of them has its special atmosphere and unique qualities, however, the one thing they all have in common is that they make for absolutely stunning wedding locations. Now that you have an idea of where you want your wedding to be, you can proceed with picking the resort or exact location of the ceremony as well as other details, such as traveling procedures. Remember that your wedding is not something that is likely to be repeated, so make it as special as you can.

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