4 Tips for Living Green with your Pet

Living an eco-friendly and sustainable life doesn’t mean just making wiser choices for yourself, but also for your pets. When raising a pet, there are so many little things you can do to help keep the environment in mind and take a greener approach. If you’re looking to make a few changes when it comes to your furry companion, here are 4 tips for living green with your pet.

1. Properly Dispose of Waste

When it comes to waste, it’s normal that your pet will leave droppings around which is a lot of waste to clean up. While it might seem acceptable for you to leave poop lying around, it is actually essential that you ensure it is scooped up and thrown away in the garbage.

Flushing it down the toilet can contaminate the water and many water systems are not equipped to deal with pet waste. This can lead to toxic elements being left in the water, which is then released into lakes, rivers, or oceans, causing major health issues. In order to do your part when it comes to greening your pet care, you should always scoop your pet’s litter and dispose of it in the garbage properly.

2. Buy their Food in Bulk

 When it comes to food, the packaging it comes in can be a waste of plastic. To reduce the amount of waste, you can buy in bulk and limit the packaging used in an attempt to go green with your pet. However, you need to be careful with picky eaters as you could end up buying a lot of food that will ultimately go to waste. To do that, you can try buying small quantities of pet food for your pet to try, and if your dog doesn’t want to eat anymore, then look for alternatives. Try out several different types and brands of dog food first and proceed with quality research to make sure the food you offer is suitable and preferable for your dog before buying in bulk.

3. Use Eco-Friendly Toys

When owning a pet, you’ll probably end up buying a stack of toys to keep them busy. However, when it comes to pet toys, most of them are usually plastic or dyed fabrics that are not only harmful to the environment, but also of poor quality. Luckily, there are many options for pet toys emerging that are eco-friendly and a lot more durable, making them a good way to go green with your pets.

4. Donate Items

It’s normal for your pet to grow out of toys, products, or everyday objects. But instead of throwing them away, a greener approach would be to donate them to pet shelters or charities. This will allow other dogs to make use of them and avoid things going to waste by increasing their lifespan.

There are so many ways you can make conscious and green decisions when it comes to your pet. Whether it concerns their food, their waste, or even their choice of toys, you’ll always find an alternative that is more eco-friendly, sustainable, and more helpful to the environment.

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