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This year has been the year for virtual meetings on your computer or mobile device. More than ever people are communicating virtually whether it is for work, school or to catch up with friends and family. I had the idea of creating a Virtual Meeting Costume while eating pizza with my family. I looked at the pizza box as it was open and thought it looked like a lap top computer and then I let the creating begin.

I don’t know about you but, the pandemic had me cooking more meals for my family throughout the week more than I ever did. The one thing my family loves to eat is pizza from one of our local pizza restaurants and we have been ordering pizza at least 2 to 4 times per month. I personally love pizza night because I get a break from cooking for the night. So, finding a pizza box was not hard for us in my recycle bin to make the costume. Please excuse the oil stains on the box , as you will see there was a pizza in here that my family enjoyed.

Materials needed:

Pizza Box

Acrylic Paint (black and white)



Glue Stick

Box Cutter

*You will also need to print out pictures of friends to be in your meeting and the camera button, microphone button and end call button.


First, have an adult cut a square on the bottom half of the box. (as seen below)

Then, have the person who will wear the costume stand with their head through the box to the top of their chest and figure out how far back you can go with the hole being the smallest it can be so it can rest on the shoulders of the person wearing it.

I knew I would be wearing it so I cut it at the point of the box where I felt was the smallest it could be and I would be the most comfortable wearing it and stapled it.

Then, I painted the box black on the inside and outside of the box.

Once it is dry you are ready to add some finishing details.

You will need to decide how many friends you want to have in your meeting with you. I decided to have two friends in my meeting with me and printed their faces to put into the squares on the left side of the top half of the pizza box. I chose to have our two fellow Momee Friend writers, Jessica and Kady in my meeting with me.

You will also need the 3 most common buttons in a virtual meeting : the microphone, end call button and the camera button. I searched for the three buttons on Google images and came across this link for the buttons. Cut them out and paste them on the front edge of the box. (seen below)

Then, paste your friends onto the inside of the box and paint the white lines seen on the top half of the inside of the box (as shown in the pictures below). I added the words Meeting is LIVE. on the bottom white bar.

As we all know when you are in a virtual meeting usually only the top half of you is seen so , I decided to wear one of my dressier shirts on the top half of my body and pajama bottoms and comfy slippers when I have a virtual meeting with our fellow Momees and local News 12 anchors, Elizabeth Hashagen and Elisa DiStefano.

I really enjoyed making this costume and I love how inexpensive and easy it was to make. We hope you enjoy wearing your DIY costume, as well.


To see more fun costume ideas that will not break the bank and are fun to make go to our homepage and in the Search button type in News 12 costumes.

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