myFirst Drone Play!

myFirst Drone Play! is an awesome toy for little ones to enjoy whether they want to play indoors or outdoors.

Just toss it up and watch it take flight! It looks like a bright pink UFO and myFirst Drone gives you 7 minutes of flight time. Using air bounce technology, the drone will slowly descent, giving you a chance to grab it and put it to charge.

myFirst Drone “uses augmented sensors and air bounce technology to ensure a stable flight, detect objects and avoiding collisions! That means, the direction of flight can be controlled with a hands-on sensor-based flight. Perfect for a little chase in the park or around the house!” so cool, right?

See ours take flight…

Both my girls love myFirst Drone and love taking it into the yard to chase it and pretend that aliens are coming via their UFO drone. I love how this toy keeps them moving and engaged. Highly recommend.

Available in the color blue, as well.

What's in the box?

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myFirst Voice

BUY YOURS … myFirstVoice

“A great interactive microphone which allows children to sing like a popstar, it also has some sound effects and can record. You can even insert a SD card with their favorite songs on to make their own tracks.”

*Mic with Echo Enhancer

*Wireless Speaker + Audio Jack

*SD Card Slot With Multiple Playback Modes



*Kids Safe

My daughter is obsessed with her “kitty microphone” as she likes to call it. She loves to sing along to her favorite songs. It is a great microphone and easy to use. Definitely recommend it for your child(ren).

Check out all the great things available in the myFirst collection by Oaxis —> HERE



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