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Laser Pegs is the light up construction system that any young builder will love. 

“Offering children and young adults a fun alternative to the traditional construction toy, Laser Pegs illuminates its surroundings thanks to their patented light bricks and vibrant colors. From Mega Trucks to Race Cars, Dinosaurs to Farm Animals — the possibilities with Laser Pegs are endless!”

My daughter is 9 years old and loves brick sets. She especially loves that are dinosaur Laser Peg sets because she is a huge fan of dinosaurs, too.

When you switch the light on it is nice and bright. The pterodactyl lights up bright enough for her to use as a night light.

Check out the Mini Pterodactyl set below.

There are so many great sets available that I think are wonderful for your young builders. What makes these sets so great is their ability to light up and the sets are reasonably priced. I will be gifting these sets for birthdays and the holidays for the kids in my life.


Is it time to replace your batteries? According to the Laser Pegs Website the 2018 kits use 2 battery sizes, LR44 & LR41. Follow these links to purchase new batteries.

Check out the Laser Pegs Website

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