2020 Essential Worker DIY Costumes

This year has been a year like no other. I think we can all agree with that statement. This year I decided to make some DIY costumes inspired by our local heroes. The costumes were made with clothes we already had in the house and the art supplies were already in the craft area of my house. We hope you are inspired by these homemade costumes to make your own, as well.

*I suggest making a name tag on these costumes with the name as Hero since our local first responders and essential workers were true heroes not only this year during the pandemic but, they are our local heroes everyday and are appreciated for their efforts in our daily lives.*

Nurse/ Doctor Costume

We can not thank the nurses and doctors enough for all they did to treat those who are experiencing health issues while ill and being positive with the coronavirus. Those in healthcare go above and beyond each day to take care of others and their hard work is appreciated and we always knew how important and essential nurses and doctors are but, this pandemic showed the world how much more they are needed in a time of crisis. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. So, we feel this costume is one that will be popular this year and can be very easy to make.

Made out of a navy blue short sleeve shirt and matching pants (to look like scrubs).

Craft Supplies were Fabric Paints in Red, White, Silver, White, and Light Blue).

A mask is not only something we all have to wear but, this costume’s accessory is a mask.

When we call 911 there is an emergency happening and we need help right away. Our police officers and firemen and women put themselves in harms way everyday to protect the lives of others in the community. We are so appreciative of the men and women who serve our community and below are ways to make a police officer or fireman costume.

Police Officer

Made out of a child’s long sleeve navy blue shirt, long navy blue pants and a blue baseball hat.

Craft supplies were Fabric Paint (colors black, yellow, white and light blue), yellow foam, scissors and a black sharpie.

All I did was paint the shirt (as seen below) and then I made the police badge for the baseball hat with yellow foam and I drew on the badge with a black Sharpie marker. I added a black strip of tape and cut 2 small yellow foam circles on each side of the black tape. I attached the pieces with tape so I can remove the tape and still use the hat after Halloween is over and not ruin the hat for the costume.

My daughter loves this costume and it is what she will be this year for Halloween. I found the handcuffs at our local dollar tree for the costume.

Fireman Costume

Made out of a child’s red sweatshirt.

Craft supplies were red foam, yellow foam, black sharpie marker, scissors, tape (black, yellow and white).

For this costume I taped the pattern with the yellow, white and black tape as shown in the pictures. I also made the fireman badge with the yellow foam and wrote on the yellow badge with a black Sharpie. I made the fireman hat with red foam and I used the yellow foam to make the badge. I added the tape on the bottom edge of the hat, as well.

Scientist Costume

Scientists have been working hard in labs and we appreciate them, so much.

Made out of an oversized kids white t-shirt. Craft supplies were fabric markers.

We purchased the safety goggles from our local dollar tree for this costume.

This costume was a lot of fun for me because I love to draw and just by using fabric markers I was able to create this scientist costume. In the pockets I drew things that scientists use daily such as: scissors, a ruler, pencil / pen, calculator, magnifying glass and test tubes.

Supermarket Cashier

All those working in our supermarkets and pharmacies made a huge difference in our lives this past year. These essential workers going into work each day to make sure the community had food to buy and buy other items such a medicines and toiletries. These workers have always been essential but, this year was a year that everyone realized that during a crisis how much these workers are needed so people in the community can get the supplies they need for themselves and their families.

For this costume I used a kids apron with a pocket and a reusable bag.

No craft supplies were needed and what I love about this costume is that the bag and pocket(s) in the apron can be used for holding Halloween treats and candy.

Lastly, we all have been working from behind the computer more than usual whether it Is for work, school or a meeting with friends and family. So, I decided to make a Virtual Meeting DIY Costume that we all have become accustomed to.

DIY Virtual Meeting Costume

For this costume you will need to put a dress shirt on and where your pajama bottoms and comfy house slippers. Craft supplies will be a pizza box out of your recycle bin, Acrylic Paint (black and white), glue, scissors, and a stapler. You will also need to print out pictures of friends to be in your meeting and the camera button, microphone button and end call button.

Read full directions: HERE

To see more fun costume ideas that will not break the bank and are fun to make go to: www.momeefriendsli.com and in the Search button type in News 12 costumes.

See this segment air on News 12 Long Island on Friday morning starting at 5am (October 9th, 2020)


A Huge thank you to Elizabeth Hashagen and Elisa DiStefano for including these DIY costumes on their show, Elizabeth & Elisa.


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