Burping bobby from Goliath

Burping Bobby from Goliath is Laugh Out Loud Fun!

“Bobby Loves Stinky Food Feed Him But Watch Out You Never Know When He’s Going To Burp.”

Easy to learn and fun to play!

Requires: 3 AAA batteries, not included.

For 2-4 players

Perfect for kids ages 4 and up

The girls love the munching sound Bobby makes when “eating” stinky foods like onions, cheese and soda. Watch out because if Bobby BUUUURPS the game is over. Bobby burping is the girls favorite part of the game, they look forward to him burping. The burp looks green because you put water in one of Bobby’s ears before game play and the water vapor steam combined with the green light in Bobby’s mouth makes it the Burp look so real and stinky. LOL

Watch my girls explain how to play:

We highly recommend Burping Bobby for your family game night!

This makes a great birthday present or Holiday gift!

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