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“J’aime Paris”, is what young India says, who is the kidpreneur behind this gorgeous line of bedding , CHEZ BÉBÉ along with her fabulous Mom, Brandi. It means I love Paris.

The girls love this gorgeous bedding that makes you feel like you have traveled from NY to Paris. The colors and designs are gorgeous and the bedding is inspired by French Quality and Style.

We love the Paris Collection!

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Paris Sheet Set

We love the Eiffel Tower print and the pattern and colors in the design of these sheets are absolutely lovely!

TwinParis Quilt

This quilt is GORGEOUS! It is so nice to snuggle under and it keeps you nice and warm.

TwinParis Sham (20×26)

I love this design! The A as the Eiffel Tower is such a sweet touch. This is such a nice accent pillow to the collection.

You will love this collection and the other children’s bedding styles and products available.

Getting to know Brandi and India:

I had the opportunity to ask Brandi and India some questions about the line and I am excited to share our conversation with you:

Question 1:

I too, Brandi am a Mom of not just one but two creative and artsy girls. I love being with them and creating with them, as well. I love looking at the pictures of you with your beautiful daughter. It must be amazing to be able to design and be in business with your daughter. I am curious what inspired both you and your very creative daughter, India to choose to do bedding for children as your first collaboration together.

Brandi said: “I love that you also share the joy of creating with your artistic daughters.  I’ve had a creative entrepreneurial spirit all my life and found the perfect outlet in my retail product development career.  Collaborating with India started out with her desire to choose new bedding for her room.  At 4 years old, she was obsessed with Frozen and like many children, hooked into commercial products with her favorite characters.  India, at a very young age had a powerful sense of what she wanted and a very fierce determination!  She was also quite the “stylista” with a very unique and creative spirit and fashion sense.  Our bedding collaboration started with me trying to talk her out of choosing character bedding that was low quality polyester and didn’t reflect diversity.  How could I, as a textile professional creating bedding for a living let this happen! I explained that with her sensitive skin she needed cotton bedding.  I told her that she could create her own design, choose her colors and we would get it made.  This lit her up.  That design became part of our collection when Chez Bebe launched 2 years later.  When India had the chance to join me on an overseas work trip, I noticed she had a gift for fabrics and design that matched my own enterprising spirit.  I realized that I wanted nothing more than the freedom to travel the world with my children and together bringing ideas to life by creating bedding for kids.  India has empowered me so much as a mother, but also as an entrepreneur with her spontaneousness to create.” 

Question 2:

What does Chez Bébé stand for? and who chose the name?

Brandi said: “Chez Bébé is a French word, which in our brand translates to “Children’s Place” Our collections are inspired by French quality and style.  Living in France as a college student opened my eyes to the world of adventure that comes with travel and I fell in love with French culture and all of the unique accents, special details and attention to quality that you find in so many of their products and designs.  I chose the name and in keeping with the belief that language and culture opens the doors to opportunity and adventure, my children started Kindergarten and spent elementary in a French immersion school learning the language and being immersed in the culture.”

Question 3:

Brandi, I love the dresses you and your daughter are wearing in your about section. You ladies definitely have style. Will there be more styles and designs added to your bedding collection soon?

Brandi said: “Thank You!  That design was selected by India when we were traveling in China.  She loved the print and we had a fun time getting matching dresses made.  We are definitely adding more designs.  Currently, we are working on a NYC collection and Galaxy collection.  We also have fun themes from our “My Sleepover Party” joint venture with India’s cousin Laila.  From the popularity of the unicorn, girl power and video game themes, we will be adding some new inspiration to the bedding collection.” 

Question 4:

 I love the Lillypad (both my girls are past the bed wetting stage) but, that would of been such an amazing product to have when we were transitioning out of diapers. What was the inspiration?

Brandi said: “The LillyPad is inspired by the nightmares we experienced with bedwetting and potty training from accidents, wet sheets, soiled clothes and 2 am sheet changes.  Ditching PullUps overnight with a 2 year old and newborn was a perfectly miserable time.  Although we had a waterproof mattress cover protecting the mattress, the hassle of the wet sheets, changing a cranky wet child and searching for clean linens in the middle of the night was unbearable.  We were drowning in heaps of laundry.  Searching for a solution, what I found was low quality, depends style, hospital variety bedpads that looked like they belonged in an institution.  Desperate, we tried them all.  Some didn’t wash well, resulting in piling and fuzzies.  Others didn’t provide enough coverage and resulted in sheets getting wet.  Some were plain unbreathable, uncomfortable and made shifty noises.  All were an eye sore on the bed and just exacerbated the already frustrating and embarrassing time we were having with bedwetting.  

I couldn’t understand why there wasn’t something available for kids that came in fun colors and prints so it was discreet?  That was made out of cotton, so it was comfortable and breathable?  That stayed in place under a wild sleeper and made it possible for a child to independently deal with after an accident? I was in the textile industry working in product sourcing and development.  I was practically an expert in bedding.   What we needed didn’t exist and we weren’t alone.  Millions of children suffer bedwetting accidents.  Out of sheer need and desperation, LillyPad was born.  Tested and perfected on my own little bedwetters and validated by a community of moms, I created LillyPad™ An effective, good looking, eco friendly bedwetting solution that parents and kids can feel confident in using as the milestone of nighttime dryness is reached.  Eliminates wet sheets with comfort and style!
Waterproof protection in premium cotton quality is easy to remove after accidents. Fun designs eliminate embarrassment and builds confidence.”

Question 5:

The eiffel tower is one of my favorite structures. What inspired this design and what inspired the robot design?

Brandi said: “I will let India explain!”

India said: “My favorite color is purple. I studied French since kindergarten.  So I created this beautiful and fun design that we call J’aime Paris ,which means I Love Paris! I also helped design for my two brothers who are out of this world!  They both love robots and spaceships and my big brother is super smart and will probably be an astronaut or invent some kind of robot that can do neat things. So that’s how I came up with the boys design!”

Question 6:

India, what advice would you give to other kids who want to be entrepreneurs,  as well?

India said: “In a movie they said if you dream about something it has to come true.  You have to dream big and then do it and make it happen. Ask your mom. And you can start small.  Always have fun and be creative.  But also you have to make time for the part that is hard work! You can always ask for help.”

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Chez Bébé Children’s Bedding & Accessories, a northeast-based children’s bedding company that believes in imagination, above all else. The mission of Chez Bébé is to create a magical space for children to dream with eco-friendly bedding in fun designs, made FOR kids BY kids.


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