Bandai World of Zombies

My girls love Zombies and are so excited to collect the Zombie figures from the Bandai, World of Zombies collection. This collection will be available on October 31st, 2020! A Halloween debut for Zombies seems like a great idea, right? It will be a full moon that day, too. I hear the zombies are excited. But, these are not your ordinary zombies. They LOVE sports! Each Zombie in the line comes from their own unique country with its own zombie twist. They are fun zombies, have their own personalities and love to compete in all sorts of sporting events.

Check out for more information about the characters and toys!

World of Zombies 2-pack Figures

These sets come with a figure that you see in the package, along with a mystery figure inside the coffin and collectors cards. 

World of Zombies Ball Park Set

The Ball Park Set is hilarious. You are able to play “zombie golf” with the head of a zombie as your ball, you can bowl a zombie head or have a penalty shot shoot out zombie style.

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Check out the video for World of Zombies, below.

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*This collection is available on Halloween- October 31st, 2020

The girls thought it would be fun to show their best Zombie impressions in the pictures, below.

We hope your kids love these sets as much as we do!

They are Zombie-rrific!


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