Halloween windsocks

We had so much fun making these Halloween Windsocks out of supplies we had in our craft area. We started making ghosts and then, we made Dracula, Frankenstein, a witch and Jack O’Lanterns. These are easy to make and so much fun to create.

Supplies needed:

*Construction Paper

*Crepe Paper

*Black Sharpie


*Scotch Tape



First, take your construction paper and make it into a cylinder shape and staple it together. Depending on what Halloween character you are doing the color of the construction paper will change. I will show you step by step with the ghost and then, show you all the characters after we have completed our ghosts.

Then, have your child draw the face on the front of the construction paper (I call the front the opposite side of the staples).

The girls loved this part. You do not need scissors, you can just tear the crepe paper. I had them make 6 long pieces of crepe paper about the same length for each windsock.

Then, tape the pieces of crepe paper inside of the construction paper cylinder.

Then, we cut a strip of construction paper to make the handle for the top of the windsock. (see picture below)

The ghost windsocks came out great! I love them so much.

It was so easy to make the windsock that the girls and I decided to make more characters and used different colored construction paper to make them. We also used different colored crepe paper for the different windsocks.

We hung them up on our tree for the day since the weather was nice. These will not withstand a rainy day and we have been having a lot of rainy days this week.

The windsocks are A LOT of fun to run around with and let the wind move the crepe paper strands around.

We hope you and your kids enjoy getting crafty this Halloween, as well!

Happy Crafting from our craft corner to yours.

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