LEGO® With Dad: Creatively Awesome Brick Projects for Parents and Kids to Build Together

LEGO® bricks are endless fun in our house. The girls are always watching videos or looking at pictures to try and create really cool things with their Legos. We were so excited when we received this book, LEGO® With Dad: Creatively Awesome Brick Projects for Parents and Kids to Build Together by Warren Nash. This book is a full-color, step-by-step guide.

Do you have a filled container of LEGO bricks like us?

This guide will help you use the bricks you have to build creative new projects together as a family. “LEGO® bricks can be an endless source of imagination and joy for kids of all ages, and now any parent (moms and dads alike!) can join in and help build amazing new creations.”

This guide can help you create things like cars, airplanes, bridges, space rockets, animals and letters of the alphabet.

We really enjoyed making picture frames with the building bricks. We are going to make these and give them out as holiday gifts for family members and friends.

In addition to sharing his tips and tricks for parents and kids of all skill levels, author and YouTube creator Warren Nash provides detailed instructions on the basic building techniques as well as more advanced and complex builds.

Here is a great video from Warren Nash’s You-Tube:

This guide is Available Now!

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About the Author
Warren Nash started out as a YouTuber, creating content on DIY and food. Since the launch of his channel, Warren has achieved more than 10 million views with a huge following across the globe. Now a father, Nash has also seen success with his
content based around fatherhood and activities to do with your kids, including arts and crafts, and of course, LEGO®. He has been passionate about LEGO® all his life and has played with it from a young age. With so many building possibilities, Nash credits LEGO® with constantly keeping his imagination alive and his creativity going.

For more about him, visit

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