JABUKA – A Fun Word Puzzle Game for Family fun

“JABUKA is a spontaneous, innovative, and tactile word game. Inspired by the shape of a coffee bean, JABUKA’S unique alphabet has magically morphing twistable letters!” This is a great game for 2 to 4 players and for ages 8 and up. The game tiles fit nicely inside it’s burlap game bag for on the go fun.

This word game is like no other because of it’s unique TWIST. Unlike other classic word games like banana grams and scrabble go, Jabuka will surprise and entertain a large group because of the clever word scrambles and added letters. See the way you can twist the tiles below:

  • “c” is “u” and/or “n”
  • “r” can be “j”
  • “t” is also “x”
  • “m” is “w” and/or “E”
  • and more

Even though this game is intended for more than one player. I find myself almost every morning spilling the tile coffee beans onto my kitchen counter and I play this game by myself with a hot and delicious cup of coffee in hand. It is the way I relax before starting a busy day with the kids and my puppy. I love word games and this is definitely one of my favorites.

Jabuka Adapts for Hybrid and Homeschool Edu-tainment

I have been using Jabuka for my at home learning with the girls. My 1st grader has sight words that she has to learn each week. We have so much fun looking for the letters on the coffee bean shaped tiles and spelling out the words of the week with them. This is a great way for kids to visualize the word and build the word letter by letter.

Jabuka was intended for game play but, the inventor of Jabuka is so pleased that parents and educators are using the game as a learning tool. In his own words… “Well, we were looking to build the ‘buzz’ about our new word game, but we hadn’t really intended for Jabuka to become a school supply,” quipped Martin Russocki, inventor of JABUKA. “Certainly, Jabuka can be used that way. The creative aspect of Jabuka makes it ideal for spelling, vocabulary and creative thinking.”

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About Jabuka Games, Inc.

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Jabuka Games Inc. is a start-up game designer and marketer of new and original games. Its premier product is a game of the same name: JABUKA, a coffee themed word game. If its first product is any indication of its future, Jabuka Games is destined to be a very successful entry into the toy and game industry. JABUKA has already received overwhelmingly positive response, recognized with four major awards for excellence in quality, design, educational and entertainment value, originality, and appeal. In the short time since its debut at the New York Toy Fair, JABUKA has sold over 60,000 games worldwide. It’s available at Indigo locations across Canada, over 300 stores in the U.S., and online everywhere.

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