Thanksgiving Cupcake decorating Ideas

My kids love helping make cupcakes for the holidays. I love looking on the internet and Pinterest for inspiration. We have made some fun cupcakes over the years and I wanted to share with you some easy decorating ideas that the kids can do. Our Thanksgiving cupcakes have been Turkeys, Pilgrim Hats and even owls using candies and store bought cookies.

Turkey Cupcakes

I remember going through our Halloween Candy stash to make these. We used M&M’s for feathers , Candy Corn for a beak, Swedish fish for the snood and I used edible eyes I had in my baking drawer, as well. These were cute and easy for the girls to make.

Pilgrim Hat Cupcakes

To decorate your Pilgrim Hat Cupcake you will need:

Thanksgiving Sprinkles ( I used orange sugar crystals)

1 plain cookie side of a Oreo Cookie

1 M&M (orange or yellow)

1 Mini Reese’s Cups

1 Wilson White Icing Writer


First, Sprinkle your cupcakes with sprinkles.

And place your Oreo Cookie side on top of the cupcake.

Use your Icing Writer to hold the mini Reese’s in Place. Go around the mini Reese’s with the white icing writer to make the belt buckle of a pilgrim hat. Finish the buckle off with an orange or yellow M&M in the center.

Simple and Easy to make.

Owl Cupcakes

This was a year when we wanted to make Owls but, couldn’t resist making some Turkey cupcakes, too!

The Owls are made with:

Oreo Cookies for the eyes (you discard the tops and just keep the side with the inside white cream on top. You will also need 3 M&M’s per Owl cupcake. One M&M for the beak and two for the eyes.

The girls loved these and the Turkeys we made with extra candies we had, as well.

TeePee Cones


These Teepee Cones you can put on top of your cupcakes for an extra fun treat to eat.

Supplies needed:

Sugar Cones

Fudge Frosting

Pretzel Sticks

Fall Sprinkles


We are thankful for all of you. Enjoy your THANKSGIVING!

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