Ravel Tales

The more you unwind, the more you find and there is 12 surprises in all.

I love the DIY craft component to this toy and none of what is inside the surprise yarn ball goes to waste. You will be able to craft your surprise Ravel💓Tales a pet bed, collar, 3 friendship bracelets, and pom poms. This is such a great gift idea!

The girls could not wait to see what Ravel Tale was hidden in their ball of yarn.

When they unraveled the ball of yarn there was different layers of yarn for different crafts. The first layer of cozy yarn is used for the stuffing of your Ravel Tales pillow. Then, the other layers of yarn are used for sewing the pillow together, making pom poms, bracelets and a collar for your ravel tale to wear.

The girls were so excited to see what Ravel Tales they unraveled.

Making all the cute crafts made the girls so happy!

My youngest LOVES UNICORNS and was so excited there was a unicorn inside another one of the Ravel Tales we unraveled. These are so fun to collect. The unicorns name is Polka and I love that the unicorn and her pillow both have Polka Dots, the designs are so cute.

Watch the Ravel Tales video below:

Ravel Tales are so much fun and we know the child in your life will love them, too!

They make a great holiday gift or Stocking Stuffer. In stores now or find them locally on Long Island at Fun Stuff Toys in Seaford! We love Fun Stuff Toys they have such great toys for kids of all ages. #supportlocal



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