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The Bubble School series is fantastic for kids and their families to read together and have meaningful conversations related to the content written in these early reader chapter books. The local Long Island author and Dad, Matthew Wilson has written these books during a time our families need it most. We are living through a pandemic and the uncertainty of schools closing and going virtual is always on our minds as parents/caregivers , teachers and students. Matthew Wilson has written the book from a second graders perspective and I appreciate and enjoy this series so much and I am sure you and your family will, too.

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In the first book, Bubble School: Back to Class we are taken on a journey through the main character, Theo’s school day. “Theo is back to school, but second grade is not what he expected. New rules are everywhere but he just wants to have fun. The Bubble School is a hilarious adventure that’ll keep you laughing with heart-felt lessons throughout. Your family will be immersed in these fun characters, bizarre world, and authentic feelings.”

In the second book, Bubble School: Doc Darling , “just when Theo was getting used to his wacky “new normal” and excited for Halloween, his friends are suddenly in danger! It’s everything Principal Paine warned about. Strand monsters are multiplying everywhere. Luckily brave medical and janitor superheroes protect the school. But can they save the day?”

Newly released…

In the third book, Bubble School: Remote Learning , “Finally, class from home! Theo expected an easy day off to play, but he was so wrong. His family is frantic, his virtual school is hounding him, and online trolls are devastating his sister.
When Theo and his tech-wiz teacher track down a hacker messing with the popular BuzzerGram app, he sets off on a brave adventure to save the town. Along the way his community learns how to respect each other online, and reconnect with meaningful moments in real life.”

We truly love this series and are looking forward to reading the newly released third book in this amazing series. My 9 year old loves reading these books. She said, “I feel like I can visualize myself in Theo’s shoes and relate to his character so much. I love that Theo is kind and helps other students, as well.”

About the Author, Matthew Wilson:

Why I was inspired to write these books (written by Matthew Wilson):

“During the first months of the coronavirus lockdown we started Friday “family sleepovers” to try to normalize the week, and set a clear break between the weekdays and weekends. It was big: sleeping bags, little mattresses, tents, lanterns, all sorts of crazy stuff. We’d tell silly stories and the kids’ imaginations would really shine. Once the kids returned to school I was shocked to see the new safety procedures, including having recess in a little “prison yard” squares. I can’t complain because I’m so grateful they’re back to school in person, being social again. So we started joking about our situation and it turned into a very fun story called, “Bubble School.” This series is from the perspective of a 2nd grader dealing with the new normal, but we tell it in an exaggerated, outrageous way. Each story has heartfelt lessons throughout and the tone is very optimistic. It’s meant to be a wacky world but kids can really relate to the themes going on in the story. They’re going through a lot right now, and I truly believe these trying years will mold our kids into America’s next great generation.

When I decided to publish Bubble School I’d already had experience self-publishing my first book, The Brave Badria. I wrote “Badria” a couple years ago when my oldest daughter and I would discuss the war in Afghanistan. I missed the first year of her life because I was deployed to Kabul with the national guard as a military police officer, building up the Afghan Army. I was more interested in my daughter understanding what the Afghan kids are going through over there, because she’d actually understand my mission better if she understood the struggle first. So I published this whimsical tall tale about an Afghan girl standing up to the Snake People (Taliban analogy). It was a lot of fun. My daughter loved it, we raised the funds to illustrate it on Kickstarter, we used all the first year’s royalties on a charity for kid’s healthcare in Kabul, and I got to share my story on Afghan television. This began an adventure where I could tell my family’s “sleepover” style stories that are outrageous enough to grab kids’ attention while infusing important lessons.”

We highly recommend the books written by: Matt Wilson!

Bubble School

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