New Years Eve Fun with the Kids

This year my girls are so excited to try and stay up till Midnight! We headed over to our local Dollar Store and bought some noise makers, champagne glasses and some party hats. We are excited to ring in the New Year as a family and start the New Year with a positive mind and come up with some resolutions of our own that we can work together to accomplish.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” —Eleanor Roosevelt

On New Year’s Eve the kids want to have fun and I love the idea of making some fun drinks for the kids to have that look fancy. If you can get your hands on some champagne glasses, use them to serve the kids a fun candy drink they will love.

Kidee “Champagne” 🎉🥂

Our Kidee “Champagne” includes White Grape Juice and Sprite. The colored drinks got their color from the rock candy stirrer we added into the glass. Some of the drinks we just added in gummi bears or gummi worms or just added a fruit slice to the rim to make it look fancier and more delicious.

Fruitty Pebble Treat Countdown Balls

Make your Fruitty Pebble Treats using the Fruitty Pebble Treat recipe on the box. Ingredients needed are the Fruitty Pebbles, marshmallows and butter. Mix the ingredients together and once cooled form the treats into balls and place a lollipop stick into it. I typed up “Happy New Year” and printed it out and then glued the words onto some neon card stock.

(seen below)

New Year’s Cupcakes

These cupcakes are so cute to have displayed on your table.

Celebrate the New Year with these fun Pom Pom Poppers!

Stretch the bottom of the balloon out and then release it while you have the Pom Pom Popper facing up. You will see the pom poms travel high and your kids will love playing with this throughout the day on New Years Eve or if they can make it till midnight use it then.

Directions —> Pom Pom Poppers

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I hope these ideas help you ring in the New Year with big smiles.


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