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My good friend, Trace Wilkins Francis and her son Joseph joined the girls and I for a FREE Facebook Live event on January 3rd, 2021. We shared three quick and kid-approved recipes. We will also talk about giving back to a couple of worthwhile food banks, and Trace’s book Delectable Vegetables. We hope you will tune in for laughs and healthy conversations each month with us.

Trace and I were inspired to incorporate healthier food options for the LIVE event with our kids on Facebook since it is a New Year and we vow to make some healthier choices in our everyday life. When Trace’s book, Delectable Vegetables was released in 2019 I remember reading it with the girls and thinking we have to make some healthier choices and I need to figure out how to get my picky eaters to like Vegetables. Small changes can make a big difference in our everyday eating habits.

Delectable Vegetables is such a great book for families to read together. I feel kids will definitely relate to the main character, Jo Jo Bean and his eating preferences in the book. Jo Jo prefers chicken nuggets, french fries and cookies over vegetables. See how the title Delectable Vegetables is fitting for this story about a young boy who won’t eat his vegetables, see what changes his mind and I think this story will inspire your kids to give more vegetables a try.

The three healthy and kid-approved recipes we shared during our 1st Baking Up Conversations event were:

A Green Smoothie

What makes this smoothie green? The Spinach or Kale you will add to this delicious smoothie. Find a blend that works for you. After some trial and error (the error was that the girls did not enjoy the other smoothies I made… LOL) We found a blend we really love.

There is spinach, pineapple, mango, peach and Almond Milk inside this green smoothie.

Kale Chips

Simple to make and delicious to eat!

Kale Chips are a great way to get your kids excited about eating leafy greens especially if they are in the kitchen with you preparing them and making them with you. I have found allowing kids to prepare and cook foods in the kitchen gets them more excited to try more foods since they are involved in the process. When the food is ready to eat they are excited to try.

Egg Muffins

If your kids love to help in the kitchen, making egg muffins is an easy enough recipe for them to help make and everyone in the family can enjoy! I love that you can switch up the add ins. If you want you can swap the bacon for sausage or just do all veggies and add onion and tomatoes instead of bacon or sausage crumbles. There are endless combinations have fun with it. We love a broccoli, cheese and egg combination or a peppers and eggs combination.

Our kids had so much fun baking in the kitchen with us and talking with all of you!

If you couldn’t tune in LIVE you can re-watch the fun:

In the video we discuss how our local Food Pantries need our help more than ever!

Long Island Cares is a wonderful non-profit here on Long Island. Every dollar you give goes to helping a Long Islander in need. Please donate what you can and thank you for your help!

Trace is also offering to donate and every copy of Delectable Vegetables purchased, she will donate 10% to Long Island Cares, who provides food to anyone in need through food drives and local food banks.

Buy your copy: HERE

The Real Life Adventures of Jo Jo Bean: Delectable Vegetables

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