Qualities to Look For in a Bath Lift

As people grow old, new strategies to manage old age become inevitable. Similarly, if you feel unsafe using your current bathtub or have problems with your back and can’t lower yourself comfortably into your bath, it is time to think about a bath lift. Installing a bath lift is one of the main ways to facilitate taking a bath with minimum struggle. It facilitates independence and confidence while bathing. Do you need a bath lift? If your answer is yes, you wouldn’t want to be frustrated by an item that you intend would resolve your bath problems. Below are the qualities that you should consider in an ideal bath lift:

Does it Come With Inbuilt Safety Characteristics?

It is important you choose a bath lift that puts your safety first as, after all, it is the main reason you need it. Check out for the following safety features;

  • An innate temperature regulator. It is vital that your bath lift has a reader that shows you the temperature of the water and a regulator to allow you to control your preferred energy status. Your bath lift should have an optimum and minimum temperature so that is it neither too cold nor too hot. It will ensure you are comfortable.
  • A hand bar. Your bath lift should have a rail for you to hold in case you need some extra support.
  • A mat. Your bath lift should have an inbuilt mat for you to sit on as you enter and leave your bath. It should not be slippery to reduce the chances of you slipping and falling.

Reliability and Durability

You will be more at peace when you know your bath lift is strong enough to guarantee your safety. A bath lift made of durable materials will not only last you long enough but will also ensure you are safe anytime you are taking a bath. It shall facilitate your independence and enable you to enjoy a moment of self-refreshment. Experts at UpliftingMobility.com state that your bath lift should enable you to bathe without any physical assistance. It is more efficient during this COVID 19 pandemic when we are all striving to protect our elderly community members and maintain social distance as much as we can. Additionally, for bath lifts that use rechargeable batteries, they should be convenient enough to lift you even when the battery is low. If you can find a bath lift with a rechargeable battery, the better for you as you can easily use it even when there is no electricity.

Does it Have a Retractable Belt?

If you share a bathtub with other people, it will be wise for you to opt for a bath lift that has a retractable belt. This shall enable you to fix it before bathing and undo it after bathing to enable other people, who may not prefer using the bath lift, to enjoy a normal bath.

Ease of Use

By the time you resolve to acquire a bath lift, you surely need it. It should therefore not take you a lot of time to learn how to use it. It should come with clear instructions on how to use it and control its inbuilt features accordingly. For instance, it should have a guide on how you can control the temperatures of the water. It should have operational buttons that enable you to manipulate it to suit your interests. The handles should also be located at a reasonable range to enable you easily grab them when going in and out of your bath.

Depth and Size

Your bath lift should be of a desired depth and size to suit your individual needs. It will be important for you to check the features of a bath lift to ensure they are compatible with your bath. Ensure the lift can lift and lower you to a reasonable distance depending on the depth and size of your bathtub. It will therefore help if you checked the dimensions of your tub before proceeding to buy a bath lift.

Your bath lift should enable you to have the highest level of safety there is when you bathe. It should be easy for you to use and should be retractable to enable other people living with you to bathe comfortably. It should be made from durable materials and should be reliable with or without a direct electrical connection.  It should be compatible with your bathtub to enable you to reap all the benefits that come with using it.

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