Reasons Why You Might Need a Water Filter

Regardless of where you live, the water in your pipes passes through your city/area’s water treatment plants. What if we tell you that your water is still contaminated? Nowadays, more and more people are installing water filtration systems in their houses. If, like us, you’ve been noticing the trend, here’s all you need to know about why people have been doing it and why a water filter might be the best thing for you, too.

Purified Drinking Water

Do you know what’s in your drinking water? Regardless of whether or not you subscribe to a certain conspiracy theory regarding drinking water, it’s an undisputed fact that there is a percentage of contaminants in the water flowing through your pipes. Granted, a cup won’t make you ill, unless it’s contaminated with bacteria, but over a long time, the traces of lead and nitrates will take a toll on your health. Not just that, but the presence of such chemicals also increases the water’s acidity level. Of course, your water won’t taste like vinegar, but it will have a taste which, as we all know, is not a characteristic of water, since water is supposed to be tasteless. A house filtration system works to purify water as much as possible in order to keep your water clean and neutral and your loved ones safe, healthy, and well-hydrated.

Children Safety

While adults can fight certain diseases and bacteria, children’s immune systems aren’t equipped to handle much. To keep your children safe and free from parasites and bacteria, clean water is a must. If your child has been getting constant stomach aches and diarrhea, your water might be the problem, and not just your drinking water. Kids are unpredictable, and while it can be fun, it can also be risky if they end up drinking from the bathroom faucet. A water filter can help you keep your sanity by guaranteeing the safety of your little ones.

Save up on Soap

When showering or washing your hands in contaminated water, you’ll notice that it takes longer for your soap to foam, and even then it’s a little amount of foam. That’s because some minerals slow down the rate at which soap reacts with water. It’s something that the residents of Florida, or other areas where the ground is rich with sulfur, deal with. When you’re looking for water filters in Tampa, read your water quality assessment and you’ll see what’s keeping your soap from foaming up. Needless to say, the cleaner water you have, the less soap you’ll need to clean up. You’ll simply be making the most out of your soap.

It’s Environment-Friendly

If you already have little trust in tap water, it must mean that you’re buying your water in bottles or other plastic containers. As for the water you need on-the-go, bottles must be your go-to solution, as well, right? If you have kids who go to school, that’s five bottles a day for each child. It’s a lot of plastic and a lot of money, too. With unlimited clean water available at the turn of a faucet, all you need is one high-quality container per person and you’d be set for life, or until you misplace your bottle. Even better, when it gets too hot, invest in a set of glass bottles or reuse old wine/juice bottles to keep a constant supply of cold water in your fridge.

It’s Cheaper

Yes, you read that right. Installing a water filtration system all over your house is cheaper than staying without one, and no, we’re not just talking about long-term benefits. Heavy metals and minerals corrode pipes and, most commonly, they cause blockages. Think of them as water-pipe cholesterol. A filtration system keeps it all out. In addition, appliances are built to use clean water. Contaminated water ends up damaging the insides of any appliance that uses water starting from kettles and all the way to washing machines. Other than the amount of money you’d be saving on unpurchased water bottles and purchasing new clothes – because the minerals in your water will deposit on your laundry, the financial benefits are too good to pass up on.

If you connected with any of the reasons we’ve mentioned, it’s probably time for you to seriously consider buying a water filtration system. The purchase is one that comes with a long list of benefits, financial, environmental, and hygienic. Plus, if you have sensitive skin, you can say goodbye to the post-shower redness and itchiness. As you’ve seen, it’s an investment on all fronts, but make sure you know the contaminants in your water first before you decide to purchase. If you’re spending your money on a long-term item, it has to perfectly fit your needs.

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  1. My family just moved into a new home and my parents want to ensure that it is safe to live in. I love how you said that a water filter system helps to provide clean water that will be safe and healthy to drink. I will have to suggest to my parents that they invest in a water filter for our home so that our water is healthy to consume.

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