Craft Stick Ballerinas with cupcake liner tutus

Do your kids love to get crafty? Have a dancer in your family? These popsicle stick ballerinas are so easy and fun to make. My girls loved making these ballerinas and they made multiple ones because it was such a fun activity.

All you need is:

Craft Sticks

Cupcake Liners



Pipe Cleaners



First, fold your cupcake liner in half and color the cupcake liner with any design you like.

Then, put a hole into the center of the cupcake liner and slip the craft stick into the hole and have one of each of the halves of the cupcake liner on each side of the craft stick. Glue the cupcake liner to the top and bottom of the craft stick. Then, I added detail to the craft stick by adding the top half of the leotard, legs and ballet shoes.

Now you can add a face and hair to the craft stick. Then, I rolled up a pipe cleaner to make a bun for the ballerina.

Then, I added a pipecleaner for arms and bent them to look like the ballerina was dancing.

After making one ballerina we could not stop making them. They are so cute and so fun to make.

The girls had so much fun adding colorful tutus to the ballerinas.

We love this craft and we hope you do, too. This craft would be a fun activity for a dance class to do togehter or to do at a Ballet theme birthday party.

Happy Crafting from my craft corner to yours!


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