create your own Marble Run

This STEM activity is all about trial and error. Get those cardboard tubes out of the recycle bin and with some creative thinking and painter’s tape see if you can create a successful marble run in your home. I am not going to lie, I had as much fun as the kids did making this marble run in our hallway.

All you need is:

Cardboard Tubes (toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls)


Painter’s Tape


Scotch tape

Optional: You can paint the cardboard tubes if you like)


Like, I said in the beginning of this post this is all about trial and error so you can either create the tubes as you go or create a bunch of different tubes and figure out how you will put them on your wall to create a successful marble run.

The first step is to cut your cardboard tubes in different ways. (see examples below)

As you can see the in the picture above, the first tube I put up is the top left tube. This tube is where you would drop the marble in so, I cut a whole on the top of the tube and more in the center of the tube. The third tube that is more on the right I cut a part of the tube off that was more at the edge.

You may want to use a piece you cut off to create a wall on the side of a tube so the marble can not go out that end of the tube.

You and your kids will love working together to complete this activity, successfully.

When taping the tubes on the wall with the painter’s tape you will notice that you will want to tilt some of the tubes to manipulate the ball to go in a certain direction. For instance, the first tube that is on the top left I slanted down towards the next tube so that the marble will go in that direction.

Now, let’s test it out…

Once you complete one marble run you may want to take all the pieces off and see if you can create a different marble run and keep doing this activity over and over, again. Your kids will love this activity and it will definitely be a fun boredom buster and a successful indoor fun activity.

We hope you and your kids love this activity as much as we do!

This would also make a great activity for school age children to do together in a classroom and have all the kids try out eachother’s marble runs. I love the possibilites of this activity.


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