The Colors of the Rainbow Learning Tubes

Kids love learning their colors and during the toddler stage they love to sort things by color. Color recognition is not only important but, you can have a lot of fun teaching your kids at home. This activity repurposes those cardboard tubes you have in your recycle bin to create a learning experience at home that your child will be excited to do.

All you need is:

Cardboard Tubes (6 or 10 toilet paper towel rolls)

Construction Paper

Plastic Cups

Pom Poms

Hot Glue Gun


A Trifold Board


First, you will need 6 or 9 toilet paper rolls. I say 6 or 9 because you may want to do the 6 colors of the rainbow or you may want to add pink, white, black and brown, as well. That is up to you. You will want to be sure you have the color pom poms to go with each color , as well.

I wrapped each tube with construction paper and stapled it to the tube.

You will then, cut a strip of each color you used for the tubes and make a strip to wrap around the plastic cups. Again, 6 or 10 cups depending on how many colors you are doing.

Once your cups and cardboard tubes are complete, you will hot glue the cardboard tubes and cups to the trifold board as seen below. You want to have each colored tube over the designated color cup.

*Be sure you have an adult use the hot glue gun since a hot glue gun can get very hot and accidents can happen.*

Be sure to mix your pom poms up so your child has to sort through them and place the pom pom into the correct color tube that matches their pom pom and then it will go through the tube and fall into the cup.

I suggest writing the names of each color on the cups so your child recognizes the color names, as well.

I hope your child has fun with this activity and learns their colors with a big smile on their face.


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