Things You Need to Know if You Want to Ride Horses

Horses are exquisite animals. They are intuitive, emotional, and strong. Horses are also impressively outgoing whether they are around humans or other horses. They are noble animals that can be tamed by expert trainers. Riding a horse can be overwhelming at first since you need to learn many skills like balance and control. However, it is a thrilling experience. Horseback riding is a special sport since it relies on forging a relationship between the rider and the horse, and such a sport has various health benefits. For instance, it helps you develop great posture, boosts upper body strength, and gives you more control over your limbs. While horseback riding can be tricky to handle for beginners, it is worth a shot, especially with some training. On that note, here is a list of handy tips for a great riding experience.

Start With a Greeting

Horses are delicate creatures, and riding them is certainly not like riding a vehicle. How the rider approaches a horse can set the tone of the whole interaction. Many horses can be timid at first, so you should approach with caution. You do not want any negative reactions, as horses may kick, run away, or bite you when they are scared. Simply start by letting the horse know, without startling it, that you are there. Slowly approach the horse and stretch out your arm for the horse to smell it; this is an inviting gesture to let the horse become familiar with you through scent. It will help if you have a treat to feed the horse.

Wear The Appropriate Gear

Regardless of the riding approach you follow, looking the part is important. You do not want to be riding in sweats or shorts. Casual or baggy clothes will not be a practical option while riding a horse, regardless of how long. Based on the information on this website, you can wear a comfortable shirt, a pair of jeans, and cowboy boots. Keep in mind that your outfit must not restrict your movement to enjoy the ride. Moreover, helmets are vital, and you should look for a perfectly fitting helmet for protection because you are dealing with a living animal, so it is better to be safe from any sudden moves.

Know How To Adjust Your Position

Whether you are a beginner or a horseback riding expert, you always need to monitor your position. Think about how your weight affects your horse’s comfort and start from there. There are several factors in this matter but begin with learning the suitable seating positions while in a halt and during the ride in an enclosed area. Before running with your horse in the field, your initial position should focus on dividing your weight equally over the seat bones. Work on your balance by sitting squarely with your legs hanging loose at each end of the saddle. As tempting as it may be, you should sit straight and not slouch. Ensure that each foot is lightly rested on the stirrups. For your comfort, the heels should be angled than directed downwards.

Maintain Your Focus

Now that you are done with the seating position, it is time to start the ride. As magnificent as your horse is, you should not gaze on it for too long. It is important to keep your eyes focused on the trail ahead to be more aware of the surroundings and avoid any mishaps. Simply look through your horse’s ears while keeping a straight posture.

Ride With Confidence

As mentioned before, horses are intelligent animals with considerable awareness. If you are on edge, the horse will likely sense it and also become nervous. It is better to try and stay calm while mounting your horse. First, lift your left leg onto the stirrup, grab the reins gently, and use your right leg to get into the saddle. Your movements should be smooth and delicate in order not to hurt your horse.

Horseback riding is a fine sport that depends on effective communication between riders and horses. There is a sense of liberation and adventure whenever you mount a horse. It is also a great way to stay fit, as it works wonders for improving your posture and boosting your core muscles. While it is fun to ride a horse, there are various aspects you must consider. With this guide, you can follow the necessary steps to ride like it isn’t your first rodeo!

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