7 Ideas to Refresh Your Backyard

Outdoor living spaces are the perfect getaway from all the noise and crowd in the big cities. And with a few simple décor elements, you can transform your old patio into a piece of paradise. Since every backyard deck is different and unique in its size, color, and furniture, we’ll give you universal ideas to help with the redecoration of your patio or backyard living space.

In this article, we’ll give you seven ideas to make your outdoors ideal for family lunches, gatherings, and barbecues. Plus, you’ll get a few décor tips that you can use to make it more stylish.

1.   Add More Plants

One of the best ways to redecorate your patio is to buy a few big pots and colorful plants. Also, you can play with pot sizes to create a feeling of a wild garden. Depending on your garden’s orientation, ask your florist which plants to use for the pots.

Plants like holly or fast-growing privet can grow as a hedge or a small bush and will fill your garden with a beautiful, sweet smell all your round. Euonymus is another lavishly green plant that tolerates all weather conditions while adding more charm to any patio.

2.   Clean Your Garden Regularly

If you want your backyard to look neat, you’ll have to do some trimming and sprucing every now and then. Once you’re done with it, plants will start growing the way you want them to, or even get a specific shape. After reading garden shredder reviews from WhatShed, you can find the best shredder to help you cut all your garden waste in just a few minutes. It’s important to find a practical and easy way to clean your garden effectively for a short time. But, it’s also necessary to clean it regularly if you want a perfect garden.

3.   Use Light-Colored Furniture

Light-colored furniture can transform any outdoor space. With an abundance of colors to choose from, you can either repaint your old furniture or buy a new one that will fit in your outdoor space. Another advantage of light colors is the freedom to use pillows to add texture and color. With dark and woody tones, your only option is to get white or creamy pillows.However, should you get a light gray or green sofa or chairs, you can add as many pillows as you want with prints, texture, and patterns. That way, your sitting area will look cozy, comfortable, and will seem inviting for your family and guests.

4.   Make an Atmosphere with Lights

Should you like to entertain and always have a guest in your outdoor living space, getting more lights are the way to go. As you don’t need a statement chandelier, a better solution is to buy a 10-meter-long string light and place them around the sitting area. That way, you’ll get a coveted backyard that feels inviting.

If you love to surround yourself with candles, you can place them in giant lanterns and position them around the table or next to the outdoor sofa. They will add a bit of style to your sitting area and make a statement.

5.   Construct a Pergola

Pergolas can make any backyard look stunning. They can protect your patient from the rain, sun, and intense winds. In the summer, you’ll have enough shade, while in the autumn, it allows you to cover yourself with a blanket and enjoy outdoor teatime. If you make one from reclaimed wood, it has a lovely rustic feel, and your backyard will be transformed.

They’re easy to make, and you can add more lights or grow plants around them to make them even more beautiful. Crossbeams and poles can be a perfect base for many plants, and in a few years, they can cover it entirely. Plus, you can add a cotton swing or hammock if you want to have long naps on the patio.

6.   Get Rustic Wooden Furniture

When you’re outside, it’s only natural to see bulky furniture made from raw wood. You can use wood planks to make a coffee table or use them as candle holders. A coffee table made from oak can be a statement piece in your garden, and even if your kids decide to sit on it, everything will stay on it.

They can add a bit of raw, natural feel and texture since you don’t have to coat them with paint. In time, you’ll get a lovely patina and look even better.

With a big wooden desk, you’ll create a family corner in your backyard where everyone would want to eat. You can also order a quality wooden BBQ side table to match your furniture and complete the outdoor kitchen.

7.   Build a Firepit

There’s nothing better than gathering around the fire pit with family and friends. You can enjoy toasting marshmallows, drinking wine, and cozying up with your loved ones. You can incorporate any design that goes well with other materials in your back yard from heavy steel and concrete pits to chick stone or brick old-school pits. You can use it to make any birthday party enjoyable, especially with warm marshmallow desserts.

With a variety of options you can choose from, the first thing you need to know is its location. Once you know where to place it, you can either order a pre-built one or get all materials to build yourself.

Mix Old with New

Every garden takes time and effort. You have to prune the plants, collect leaves, and take care of the outside sitting area. If you just moved in and your garden is far from what you wanted, these seven tips will hopefully give you some inspiration to fix it.

Once you clear some space, it’s time to see what you have and what you need to buy. If you have some wooden furniture, a fresh coat of paint will make it looks as good as new. What’s more, even some old wood planks can become plant holders or decorations. Of course, if you’re planning to make a pergola or buy a new firepit, try to keep everything in the same style, and you’ll create a new space for relaxation and creating new memories. 

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