The Greatest Show Penguin by Lucy Freegard

The girls and I really enjoy reading this adorable story about a penguin named Poppy who finds happiness within her family’s circus by finding the job in the show that allows her to feel good while still being part of the show.

 …a heartwarming story about overcoming fears and the meaning of success!

About the story:

“Poppy the Penguin comes from a long line of circus performers. Many skills have been passed down from penguin to penguin. However, Poppy soon decides that performing in the family circus is not for her, as she prefers to feel calm and in control. But the hardest thing is not juggling, or riding a unicycle–it’s telling her mum that she doesn’t want to perform any more. Her bravery is worth it when Poppy discovers a better role…”

We love the movie, The Greatest Showman and this story’s title has a clever spin to the movie title. The penguins in the story are so cute and the girls really like the main character, Poppy. Definitely recommend the story for you to add to your home collection of books for your kids. My kids are older than the age the story is intended for but, they really enjoyed it. My 6 year old who is reading independently, has read this a few times and loves it.

(Written for ages 3 to 6 years old, 32 pages)

About the author:

LucyFreegard – an illustrator, children’s book author and soft toy designer based in Bristol, UK.

Read more on her website.



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