Am I a Unicorn? by Stephanie Sorkin

This is one of our new favorite books to read before bed. The story, Am I A Unicorn? is told delightfully in rhyme and has such a beautiful message of self acceptance. I love that the story celebrates being different and being kind to yourself.

Local Long Island Author and mother of three, Stephanie Sorkin has written some wonderful books and this is her fourth children’s book. Stephanie was inspired to write “Am I a Unicorn?” as a way of opening up a discussion about what it’s like to be different, hoping that children will realize that as much as everyone wants to be accepted, it’s most important to accept ourselves. Rather than use all Unicorns in the story, she chose to use a diverse array of animals to give children a chance to see that not everyone’s the same before even reading a single word of the book. Similar to Sorkin’s previous books, she will donate a portion of the proceeds from “Am I a Unicorn?” to various charities supporting children.

“When your OUTERcorn doesn’t match your INNERcorn… a story is born! Join us as a unicorn finds the answer to a very important question!”

We absolutely love the main character in the story who breaks her horn and learns how to adjust to being a unicorn without a horn. There is humor and of course a bit of magic in this fictional story for children to enjoy reading with their parents and/or teacher. The story touches on self-esteem and diversity and ultimately teaches the important lesson of accepting one’s individuality. The story also has a page of discussion questions that you can talk to your child or class about, as well.

You can buy your copy of the book on Amazon or locally on Long Island at Book Revue.

About Stephanie Sorkin:

Stephanie Sorkin is the award-winning author of “Nutley, the Nut-free Squirrel”“Chocolate Shoes with Licorice Laces” and “Frenemy Jane, the Sometimes Friend”. Her fourth and latest book, “Am I A Unicorn?” will be released on December 8, 2020, to educate children on the value of acceptance and the beauty in differences. A member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, Ms. Sorkin donates a portion of her books proceeds to various charities supporting children. Ms. Sorkin has appeared in the New York Times Style Section and written numerous articles for national publications. As a food allergy advocate, she spends her time visiting schools in the tri-state area, discussing the inspiration behind her books and the importance of creativity.  Stephanie lives in New York with her husband and 3 kids. 

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