Maternity and Child Care: 6 Essentials You Need To Have

There are plenty of things you will need to prepare for your baby’s arrival. With many things going on with your pregnancy, keeping track of what baby essentials you already have and still need to buy is challenging. 

From items to take care of yourself and baby must-haves, we listed down six essentials you shouldn’t forget. Read on for the list of things that should be in your hands.

For The Baby

Feeding Gear

If you are planning to formula feed, you need to look at the best formula and feeding bottles for the baby. You can ask your baby’s doctor to suggest a formula that is best for them. When looking for one, look for FDA approval, and it should meet all the basic nutritional requirements your baby needs. In buying feeding bottles, don’t get swayed by aesthetics. Instead, inspect the bottle and nipple material, size, and shape. An excellent formula and feeding bottle will help feeding more uncomplicated for you.

Baby Furniture and Equipment

For the first few months, the essential furniture to own is a crib and stroller. You need the former when the baby’s at home and the latter when you are going outside. Choose a sturdy and baby-safe one to ensure that it will be safe for your baby to use. From here, you can start buying more furniture and equipment such as changing tables, feeding chair, car seat, and more. 


Many parents don’t anticipate the amount of changing and linen that the baby will use. You need a swaddle and blankets to wrap the baby every time. Buy mitten, booties, hats, and overalls for everyday use. You will also need a lot of baby bibs for dribbled breastmilk or formula during feedings and spit-up after feeding. It would be best to get a lot of these because you will go through many linens each day. Many parents think they will have plenty of time to wash in between taking care of the baby and doing other chores. But trust us when we say get a bunch that can last you for at least a week. 

For The Mother

Comfortable Clothes and Footwear

As you progress into the third trimester of your pregnancy and near childbirth, you need to focus more on what you wear. By this, we don’t mean fashionable clothes but more comfortable clothes. It would be best to choose easy to slip on clothes and footwear so you won’t have a hard time wearing them and taking them off. Some examples are nursing or button-down shirts, loose dresses, yoga pants, and other loungey clothing. For footwear, choose non-skid socks or slippers for your safety. 

Pregnancy, Motherhood and Childcare Books

No amount of reading can thoroughly prepare you for what to come. But it is still good to have knowledge on necessary things for you and the baby’s sake. This is also helpful to reduce your anxiety and a hobby while waiting for the main event. You can read Nurture: A Modern Guide to Pregnancy, Birth, Early Motherhood – and Trusting Yourself and Your Body or The Whole-Brain Child.

Breast Pump and Nursing Supplies

One challenging part of being a mother is breastfeeding, and you need to ensure that you have everything you need to take care of your breast and milk supply. A breast pump is essential if you have excessive or insufficient breast milk. Together with that, get cover pads, pillows, a nursing pad, and a supportive bra to help you with the whole process. 

This list will help you determine what categories you should focus on and the things you’ll need to purchase for yourself and as you get ready for the baby’s birth. Check these tips carefully and adjust them whenever you need to. Doing so would help you provide the best care for your newborn.

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