How to Prepare Your Kids for a Big Move

Whether you are going down the street or across the country, moving is a big deal. You are completely uprooting your life and the home you know and moving into an unknown space. It is a scary and intimidating process! Moving is stressful for everyone involved, but it is especially daunting for kids. If your family is moving for the first time, that is a huge deal for your kids. They will have to move into a new space, make new friends, and just adjust to a brand new life. But as stressful as it might be, you can also make moving fun for your kids. You want them to be ready for any curve balls that might be thrown their way, so here are some tips for how to prepare your kids for a big move.

1. Tell Them as Soon as You Know

When it comes to telling your kids about the move, good communication is everything. While you might be tempted to put off telling your kids about the big move because you don’t want to disrupt their life, you are always better off telling them sooner rather than later. The earlier your kids know, the quicker they can accept the fact that they are moving. You definitely do not want to put off telling them until right before you have to leave. It is going to be more devastating for them to hear it last minute than it would be months in advance.

2. Let Them Sulk

Unless you have unnaturally optimistic kids, there is a good chance they are going to be upset about the move. Instead of reacting to their anger and sadness, tell them their feelings are valid and let them sulk. Moving is a big deal, especially for kids who are just starting to grow up. Let them mourn and sulk around for as long as they feel necessary. If your kids are having an especially hard time accepting the move, consider online counseling so they can talk to a professional about their feelings.

3. Involve Them in the Moving Process

It’s their house, too! They should also be involved in the moving process. If they are old enough, give them the responsibility of packing up their own rooms and belongings. If they offer help, take it. It shows that your kids are starting to accept the move and want to be involved. Moving anywhere is stressful, but especially if you are moving far away To make the process easier on you and your family, you will probably want to hire movers. Movers can help you move anywhere, from one town over to across the country. For example, your local Moving companies Seattle (or wherever you currently reside) can help you get your stuff all the way to the east coast if need be.

4. Let Them Decorate Their New Room

A great way to soften the blow of announcing a big move to your kids is telling them they can decorate their new room. Nothing is more exciting to kids than getting to choose new paint colors, wall decor, and furniture. They might be upset about the move at first, but as soon as they find out they can design their new room, I can guarantee they will be excited.

5. Be There For Them

You can only prepare your kids so much for a big move- at the end of the day, you really need to be there for them as their parents. Before, during, and after the move is going to be tough on your kids and they need to know that you will be their support system. If you have multiple kids, be ready for them to have different reactions about the move. But at the end of the day, what is most important is that you are a shoulder for them to cry on. Try helping them get excited (or at least less nervous) about the move by gifting them a local city guide or have them make a list of things they want to do once you get settled in.

Uprooting your life and moving to a new town is difficult for everyone, but make sure you take some time to check on your kids. Prepare them as best as you can and be supportive  throughout the entire process, and before you know, your kids will be loving life in their new home.

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