Coffee Filter Butterflies

We are jump starting our crafts to Spring. We are so excited for warmer weather, gardening and my outdoor fun. This is such a fun craft for all ages that is just beautiful to look at when it is complete.A fun step project from beginning to end.

All you need is:

Coffee Filters (2 per butterfly)

Washable Markers

Spray Bottle filled with water

Pipe cleaners

Pony Beads

Large container to spray in


Color 2 coffee filters with any designs and colors you want. You can choose to fill in your Coffee filter or not (you can see the difference in doing so with our pictures)

Spray the coffee filters in container till you see the colors start to bleed a bit.

Let coffee filters dry completely.

Once dry fold the coffee filters like you would a fan (Flipping over between each fold) , again you will need 2 for each butterfly.

Take the folded Coffee filters and join them together with a pipecleaner. This will look like the abdomen and antennas of the butterfly.

We added a pony bead to each antenna.

Then your butterfly is complete! 💕🦋

We hope you love this Spring Craft as much as we do!

This is a really fun Spring activity and I am sure your kids will making these for family and friends, as well.



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