Here Are 4 Reasons Why Taking Care Of Your Teeth Is Very Important For Your Health

Oral health is the window to your general health, and so if you are not taking care of your teeth, you are also now not taking care of your overall health. Poor oral hygiene will not only leave you with cavities, gum disease and tooth loss, but it can also increase your chances of dementia, heart disease, poor mental health and more. A lot of people are not always aware of these facts and so here are 4 reasons why taking care of your dental hygiene is critical for your general health. 

1. It Reduces Your Chances Of Dementia And Alzheimers

Taking care of your teeth now will reduce your chances of experiencing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease when you are older. This will come as a surprise to a lot of people, and some might even be sceptical about the link between oral health and these diseases. There is ongoing research that states that the bacteria that is created due to gum disease can get into the brain which can cause Alzheimer’s later on in a person’s life. Similarly, there has been a lot of research exploring the relationship between poor dental health and dementia. The studies strongly suggest that those with poor dental health are far more likely to develop dementia. While the research is ongoing, it is clear that if you are not taking care of your teeth then you are putting yourself at risk of experiencing cognitive impairments issues later down the line. 

2. It Protects Your Cardiovascular Health

Having good oral health will mean that you are also protecting your cardiovascular health. This relationship also surprises a lot of people, however, if you have tooth decay or gum disease, the bacteria that originates from that can spread within your body and negatively impact your cardiovascular system. This is because the bacteria can cause inflammation in the bloodstream which can result in cardiac arrest or a stroke. This might sound a bit extreme but the links are there and there is plenty of research to support the relationship between dental health and cardiovascular health. 

The bottom line is that taking care of your teeth is crucial because as soon as you start to slack on that, your body will start to become at risk from other health complications.

3. It Is Important For Your Mental Health

A smile is one of the first things that we notice about people and being able to smile confidently around people can be vital to your mental health. If you feel like you have to hide your teeth or perhaps you feel self-conscious in social settings due to your oral hygiene this can take a toll on your mental wellbeing. It can be draining and cause people to hide away from their friends and family. If you are already suffering from gum disease or tooth loss, there are ways to help you gain that confidence once again. For instance, dental implants from companies such as offer you the chance to get back your winning smile. On that note, when it comes to dating and relationships, those with good dental health tend to be more confident and have more success in finding a partner.

Even in the working world, a good smile has been linked to success as employers will be more drawn to you if you smile. The bottom line is that the more we take care of our teeth, the better and more secure we feel in ourselves. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health so it is good to pay attention and nurture our mental wellbeing too. 

4. It Fights Off Respiratory Diseases

Once again, research has found that the bacteria that comes from gum disease, tooth decay and poor oral health can travel into the lungs and cause respiratory diseases. Respiratory diseases include pneumonia, asthma and COPD. Even if the bacteria is not the cause of these diseases, it can cause flare-ups in any pre-existing conditions you might have. With the relatively unknown Covid-19 disease, we are not yet sure if there is a relationship between dental health and the severity of Covid symptoms. However, if it is similar to other lung diseases then we can assume that gum disease could potentially worsen the symptoms of Covid-19.

Dental hygiene is so important, and oral health is the window to your general health. So the next time you are feeling lazy and can’t be bothered to brush your teeth, remember these four motivating reasons to take care of your teeth. 

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