Easy DIY Crafts Every Mom Should Try

Some moms read a book while sipping their favorite hot chocolate or coffee to relax during their me-time, while others get a massage. However, some moms prefer to create crafts to destress because nothing can be more relaxing and satisfying than having to see the fruits of your hands. Just keep in mind that being a mom should not stop you from creating amazing DIY crafts. This article lists down some of the easiest DIY crafts that you should try.

Framed Paint Swatches

One of the best ways to decorate an empty wall is by hanging a piece of artwork on it. However, you don’t have to buy expensive framed art pieces because you can make a framed paint swatch on your own. 

You can use different types of materials to generate the alignment of colors that you need to be framed but this will be easier if you have a Cricut to help you cut paper, vinyl, or other types of materials. In this case, you can explore Cricut bundles that have specialized blades allowing you to handle both the most delicate or the toughest materials. As soon as you cut different hues of papers or the material that you have, arrange them in a frame like a swatch. The great thing about this project is that you can let your kids help with the color arrangement.

Fluffy Cloud Decors

There are instances wherein you and your kids may be stuck inside the house because of heavy rains. In this case, what you can do is try a DIY project that can bring the sunshine in, along with some fluffy cloud decors. What you need are some paper lanterns and polyester fill, as well as a hot glue gun and some sticks. Just put some glue on your lanterns and cover them up with polyester fill. From there, you already have fluffy clouds. Complete your backdrop with a lighted yellow lantern as your sun.

Felt Garden

Another DIY craft that is perfect for making with your kids is a felt garden that you can incorporate in one of the walls of your kid’s play area. All you need for this project are different colors of felt that you need to cut in various vegetable, fruit, and flower shapes. Line up the bottom of the wall with brown felt that will serve as the soil of the garden. At the back of your vegetables, fruits, and flowers, as well as on the brown felt, glue some Velcro to help your kids stick the plants in the garden. This will surely make learning fun for your kids.

The DIY projects listed above are only some of the ones that you should consider trying. There are various other projects that you can look into such as wallpaper-lined trays or tin can utensil bins. You can even consider making a simple ombre artwork or a paper towel roll castle for your kids. The key is in letting your imagination run free for you to create the best projects effortlessly. You can even let your little ones help in your projects for added inspiration.

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  1. As a new mom, my weekly goal is to complete a craft projects. I lobe the phrase, “the fruit of our hands”

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