How to Convince Your Aging Parents to Live in a Senior Care Facility

As you grow older, it becomes harder to do the normal things in life like everyday activities. This change in your abilities makes it harder to get upstairs, go for walks, and even dress. While you might be a ways away from this being the new daily norm, it might be for your aging parents and it’s an issue that children of senior parents have to start thinking about more seriously.

The answer to this question is often to place their parents in a care facility, but it’s not as simple as that. Many senior parents can, reasonably, be concerned about going to a care facility. They might not always be the most enjoyable places if they are put in a bad one, so convincing them can be hard. If you’re struggling to convince your parent(s) about the benefits, here are some ways to change their mind.

Talk to Them About the Decision First

First things first, don’t try to force them into this decision. You’re trying to convince them, not make them do anything against their wishes or their will. Sitting them down and talking it over and bringing up the conversation can be a helpful way of letting them know you should consider doing this. It may be hard at first, considering it is a big decision, but you want them to have an opinion on the matter too. You can come back or table the discussion but open up a dialogue with them regardless.

Tell Them How It’ll Be Easier to Get Proper Care

You should always make it apparent that you might not be able to provide for them in the same way that a care home would be able to. You won’t have all the same resources, you won’t have the same level of knowledge, and you also have your own responsibilities that you will need to care for. This is a huge consideration, and if you look at the care capabilities at, you can show them what you will be lacking. Being able to give them all the support they need is crucial, and you just might not have it compared to a proper facility.

Take Them to Visit Care Homes

If they’re open to the idea, you should at minimum go visit some care homes to see around the facilities. This is the best way to get a good feel for what’s going on. You can see the types of recreational activities they have, what the rooms look like, meet the staff, and get a better idea of what the care home is like. You can read a lot about these places online and through reviews from patients and families, but it’s a lot more telling to see it in person which is why you should take a visit with a couple.

Ask Other Seniors About Their Experiences

The other way to learn more about a senior care facility is to ask around and see what people say about it. It was mentioned that looking at testimonials or reviews online gives a good sense of what’s going on but so does asking seniors at the care home when you go visit. Hearing from other seniors can help your parents decide if it sounds like something they’re interested in because their peers are more relatable in their needs. While visiting, make sure to ask the staff plenty of questions while they can as well.

Look Thoroughly for the Right Care Facility

This is a general concern, but you want to sit down with your parent(s) and do a lot of research before coming to a conclusion on which home to choose if they do want to go that route. It’s a major life and financial commitment to decide on a care home so you want to be sure that you can be on the right page about what it is that you’re all looking for. Do your research, consider the questions answered from any possible interview or visit, and look into what amenities they offer before choosing one.

Convincing your aging parents to move into a care home sounds a lot worse than it is. The process isn’t about kicking them out to get someone else to care for them, it’s about making sure that they are getting the care that they need from the right people. Using some of this advice, you can help them see why it’s such a good idea to live in a facility instead, especially if it’s the right one.

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