Getting Crafty for Spring with News 12 LI

It is Spring! YAY!!!! We love crafting during the Spring months because it is all about flowers and nature. Being on News 12 is always a pleasure as I am able to chat with local Momee Friends and News Anchors, Elizabeth Hashagen and Elisa DiStefano and talk about ways you can get crafty with your family. Let’s see how you can craft the fun ideas we shared:

Coffee Filter Butterflies

This is such a fun craft for all ages that is just beautiful to look at when it is complete.A fun step project from beginning to end.

All you need is:

Coffee Filters (2 per butterfly), Washable Markers, Spray Bottle filled with water, Pipe cleaners, Pony Beads, and a Large container to spray in.

Read full directions: HERE

Cardboard Tube Spring Bugs

With some cardboard tubes, construction paper, pipecleaners, markers, a glue stick, and tape you can make your own versions of these.

*The firefly you can put a battery operated tealight or glow stick under it behind the yellow tissue paper and watch it glow at night.

*For the butterfly, I traced my daughter’s hands on construction paper to make the wings.

These are so fun to make and truly there is no wrong way to make them, they will look adorable on your table for Spring.

Faux Forsythia Branches Centerpiece

My daughter helped me make these faux Forsythia Branches for our table. I love how it looks inside a clear glass bottle. A Forsythia blooms in early Spring and it’s flowers are commonly seen in a bright yellow color but, can also have pink flowers.

All you need to do for this craft is collect some branches from your yard and use crepe paper to make the “flowers”. Just crumble the crepe paper and attach it to the branch with a glue stick.

An easy craft that makes a beautiful centerpiece on your table.

Read full directions: HERE

Grass Friends

A fun Spring Activity for your family to enjoy.

Your child will be so excited seeing the growth of the grass each day. Once the grass grows a nice length your child can give it a “haircut” with their scissors.

See full directions: HERE

Spring Cup of Dirt Cups!

Such a sweet dessert to celebrate Spring that your kids will LOVE to make and eat.

All you need is:

Oreos, Snack Pack- Pudding Cups and Gummi Worms

See full post: HERE

We hope you and your family have so much fun getting crafty.

We hope these ideas inspire you to create your own Spring Crafts. Happy Spring everyone!

Watch the segment on NEWS 12 Long Island… here

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