What You Need to Know Before Using Teeth Whitening Kits at Home?

Teeth whitening kits have become increasingly more popular as more people are becoming aware of the benefits they provide. Having clean, white teeth is necessary for most people although not everyone is able to achieve this at the dentist due to high costs. Considering teeth whitening is highly desirable, people are investing in easy and simple ways to achieve their desired results. One of these ways includes using teeth whitening kits at home.

You may see many people using this with no issue and decide that this is a method for you to as well. However, you must know that everyone’s experience is unique and you should never try anything without doing your own research first. In this article, we will discuss what you need to know before using teeth whitening kits at home.

How Do They Work

The very first thing you should know is how teeth whitening kits work. There are a variety of teeth cleaning and whitening tools and products available in the market, and they are not all the same. This makes it essential that you do your own research on the products before using them. Most products with this purpose are straightforward and easy to use. Teeth whitening products work by bleaching the teeth, making them white. 

Your teeth will never be fully white but the shade will become significantly lighter. Usually, you will only need to apply the product to your teeth for a few minutes, to see the results.

They May Not Work For You

Before deciding to whiten your smile, make sure that you know this is something that you can do. Although everyone wants white teeth, these at-home treatments may not be suitable for you. They only work on real teeth, meaning that if you have any dentures, fillings, veneers, or crowns, teeth-whitening products will not make a difference, no matter how long you have the product on your teeth. If you have any fake teeth, you may have to change them to have a brighter smile. 

What Ingredients They Use

Looking after your teeth can be very difficult but it is essential. Once you have your adult teeth, these will stick with you for the rest of your life. You must look after them properly to avoid serious issues. Different teeth whitening products utilize different ingredients and this may have an impact on your teeth. Poor ingredients can damage your teeth in the long term. Any company should have the list of ingredients clearly and visibly displayed on their website so you know exactly what is going in your mouth. Stay away from products that contain Carbamide Peroxide or Triethanolamine (TEA) as this can be damaging and not effective.

They Can Cause Sensitivity

Some people have naturally sensitive teeth. This can be an issue as it causes them issues when eating anything too hot or cold and they may struggle even with the change in environmental temperatures. In worst-case scenarios, teeth sensitivity can cause pain for the individual. Teeth whitening products may leave you with a similar sensation, although they should disclaim this on their label. Usually, this feeling will only last a few minutes. However, if you have sensitive teeth, it may not be a good idea to use them or you should look for an option for sensitive teeth.

The Results Are Not Permanent

The treatments that you can do yourself are not permanent. Depending on how badly stained your teeth are, you may have to undergo a few treatments before you see the results you want. However, you must note that your teeth will not be white forever after a few treatments. Daily behaviors such as drinking tea and coffee or smoking have an impact on the color of your teeth

For better results, you should improve your lifestyle and remove anything that will have an impact on your teeth alongside using teeth whitening products. You may have to use them once in a while, but do not overuse them so as to not cause extreme sensitivity.

They Are Not Tailored to You Personally

Teeth whitening products are not tailored for you personally, whereas professional treatments will be. With most kits, you should get a teeth mold where you apply the whitening agent before placing it on your teeth. This mold is created generally, not for your teeth specifically, therefore may not be the most appropriate option for you, particularly if you have crooked teeth.

They Will Not Solve Other Oral Issues

Teeth whitening is great for a brighter smile, but it will not solve underlying oral issues that you may be experiencing. If you have any concerns with regards to your teeth, make sure to consult with a professional so these can be appropriately addressed and treated.

If you are considering using teeth whitening products make sure to read the information discussed on this page, to have a perception of what you need to know before using these kits at home.

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