Butterfly garden

Something we look forward to each Spring is welcoming caterpillars into our home and watching them grow and transform into a butterfly. Our good friends at Fun Stuff Toys in Seaford have a Butterfly Garden available for purchase locally at their store.

This Insect Lore Butterfly Garden set includes:

A voucher for caterpillars (shipping extra), caterpillar food, butterfly feeder, sugar packets, feeding dropper, chrysalis holding log, an insert with helpful tips, plus a STEM Butterfly Journal with learning activities.

Our Caterpillar arrived and watch the video below to see how they arrived and how excited the girls were to have them come:

The caterpillars will move around the cup and eat while they grow and grow and grow…

When the caterpillars grow big enough they will form a J shape and hang from the bottom of the cup lid and then watch the chrysalis form. Once all the caterpillars form then you can take the lid off and put it in the butterfly garden.

About 7 to 10 days later you will see your butterflies emerge from the chrysalis. (Painted Lady Butterflies) It is so magical and exciting to see a Butterfly in the garden. We sliced oranges once a butterfly emerged and put them into the butterfly garden, as well.

The girls are so captivated by the beauty in our Butterfly Garden 🦋 and always love checking in on the butterflies.

Our Release Day!

This was such an amazing experience watching our caterpillars grow and form a chrysalis and then, turn into butterflies. We observed the butterflies in our home for about 4 days and decided to release them and share the experience with all of you!

Bye, Bye Butterflies…

We love EVERYTHING about the Butterfly Garden. This is a gift that keeps on giving and will be so memorable for your kids. We highly recommend doing this in your home.

Located at: 3639 Merrick Rd Seaford, NY 11783

Fun Stuff Toys says, “We know fun!”! and they really do.


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