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I wish I had more of a “green thumb” and the Back to the Roots kits make gardening easier and so fun for my family and I. I love all of the grow kits and seed packets available and highly recommend checking them out for yourself. I love that I can grow herbs, mushrooms, lavender, and more inside our home.

Organic Mushroom Kit

This kit is absolutely incredible and the transformation of our Organic Mushroom Kit has been so incredible to watch. The girls wake up just as excited as I do to see how much more the mushrooms 🍄have grown.

It has been about 9 days and the growth is INCREDIBLE!

Seed Packets

Do you like to grow your own veggies? We love gardening and planting seeds for veggies and herbs.

Back to the Roots 🌱 has such a great selection of seeds for you to choose from.

Back to the Roots has some incredible kits, seeds and more for you to purchase on their website.

Want to save some money on these kits?

With the code: MomeesGrow20

You can get 20% off

BUY from the Back to the Roots Website



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