Cardboard Tube Spring Bugs

I love crafting with cardboard tubes. We are definitely getting into the Spring mood with these adorable bug crafts. With some cardboard tubes, construction paper, pipecleaners, markers, a glue stick, and tape you can make your own versions of these.


*The firefly you can put a battery operated tealight or glow stick under it behind the yellow tissue paper and watch it glow at night. This is such a fun and interactive craft.

For the Firefly you will need:

A cardboard Tube, Black, White and Yellow Construction Paper, Yellow Tissue Paper, 3 black pipecleaners, Clear Tape, Scissors, and a Sharpie Marker


Wrap the cardboard tube with a piece of black construction paper. Also, cute a circle for the head out of construction paper. Then, attach two black pipecleaners to the back of the body to look like legs. Then, in the front of the body cut out a space on the bottom out so you can tape the tissue paper to the bottom of the body.

(see pictures for reference below)

Then, you will need to cut out wings with the yellow construction paper and attach that to the back of the firefly body. Then, you will also need to form a pipecleaner to look like antennas.

Then, you will add the last details to finish your firefly. I added the yellow tissue paper to the bottom of the belly and added the eyes and mouth to the face and attached the antennas to the head.


*For the butterfly, I traced my daughter’s hands on construction paper to make the wings.

For the butterfly you will need:

A cardboard tube, 2 colors of Construction Paper that you will like your butterfly to be, 1 yellow pipecleaners, Clear Tape, Scissors, and Markers


Wrap the cardboard tube with one color of construction paper and trace your child’s hands with the other color of construction paper and cut out the hands to use as the wings of the butterfly.

Then, attach the hands with clear tape and yellow pipecleaners for antennas. Let your child add the details with markers.


For the bee you will need:

A cardboard tube, yellow constuction paper, 4 black pipecleaners, scissors, clear tape and markers.


Wrap the cardboard tube with yellow construction paper. Form the wings and antennas with the pipecleaners and attach them to the cardboard tube with clear tape. Add the details of the face and body with markers.


The ladybug took the most time to do and will take some trial and error.

All you need is:

A cardboard tube, black, white and red construction paper, 3 black pipecleaners, black sharpie marker, scirssors, glue and clear tape.


Wrap the cardboard tube with black construction paper. Make a circle for the face but you want it to be about the same size as the bottom hole of the cardboard tube. With the red construction paper make the wings for the ladybug and a mouth. With the white construction paper make the eyes for the ladybug. Add the dots to the wings and eyes with the black sharpie marker. Attach all the pieces along with the black pipecleaner antenna with glue and clear tape.

These are so fun to make and truly there is no wrong way to make them, they will look adorable on your table for Spring.

These were featured on our News 12 Segment for Spring!

Watch the segment on NEWS 12 Long Island… here


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